1. Julia, have you tried the Ruggable rugs? I know they are expensive, but for anyone with pets they are a life saver. The top cover fits in the washing machine and comes out good as new. I have dogs who have “accidents” and it feels so good to be able to put down a clean rug. They also vacuum easily so it helps with fur and dander. It’s an investment piece but saves money in the long term.

    1. Hi Ann, no I haven’t tried Ruggables but I heard great things about them. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Thanks Cassie! You and I are definitely budget shoppers 😉

  2. Thank you for sharing your advice … I have one to offer: I love Benjamin Moore paints and now save lots of money by choosing their contractor version (Ultra Spec 500). It is as environmentally friendly as their Aura line but much less expensive.
    While I only use Benjamin Moore, I am sure that other lines of paint have the same less expensive contractor lines.

    1. Oh that’s so good to know Sonya. Thanks so much, I’m pretty sure they do too.

  3. Thanks for all the tips, Julia!!!

    1. Thanks for reading Jen, it was a long one.

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