1. This is gorgeous! Not my style by any means but my future granddaughter in law would love something like this as well as one of my granddaughters. I’ve always loved these macrame hangings and used to have a few myself when that was my decorating style. I love the bubble look you have crated here and the thread looks awesome in the different colors. Nicely done!

    1. Thanks so much, Shirley. I love that you can appreciate something even if it isn’t your own decorating style. I am the same way.

      1. Funny you say that and thank you! I have a love for decorating and always have! My least favorite style is the mid century modern but I still like aspects of it. I would never decorate that way but if someone else has that style, I certainly would embrace it for them. Very few of us can be that way and I’m glad to hear you are one of them!

  2. I’m wondering about creating a room divider using something like this. It’s an 11’ opening, so I’d have to really plan it out. But in my mind it would look divine! Any suggestions for where I could get inspiration and more info?


    1. Oh yes, that would look awesome! I’m not sure if there is more info anywhere but I think all you’d need is making it fit to the 11′. It would however involve a lot of combing 😉

      1. Kathy Shuck says:

        Everybody needs a hobby. 😉


  3. Gentry Lynn says:

    I love this! Will you put the lengths of the dowel and the colors of the floss you used for the wall hanging next to your plant? I’m happy to buy via your links if they are available.

    1. Hi! I threw most of the wrappers for the colors in the garbage already. I have to see if I can find more info.

      1. Hello, thank you for sharing, did you keep track of how much macrame yarn you ended up using? I’m trying to figure out how much should I buy for my proyect

        1. Hi Lydia, no I didn’t track the exact amount since I also used some of my leftovers. Sorry! What I usually do when I don’t know how much I need is to order several from Amazon and then just return the rest. Hope that helps.

  4. Stunning! I have been thinking about making this myself but had no idea how to tackle it. Thank you!!

    1. Oh, thanks so much! Glad you like it and hope you get to try making one.

  5. Ok, I bought all the materials. I unraveled 12 strands and dipped them in stiffening solition. They are now dry. No comb or fur brush is brushing through this. What am I doing wrong? 😭

    1. Did you get the same macrame yarn as I did? I never had a problem with it but I also only brush small sections at a time. And the fur brush does wonders.

    2. I too am having the same problem. It is very frustrating. What am I doing wrong?

      1. Hi there, I have since figured out that sometimes some of the stiffing solution sent out is more of a decoupage glue which makes the project fail. It happened to me for another project. It has to be starch and not a thick glue-like substance. Hope that helps.

  6. I’ve been scowering the internet for a tutorial on how to make these. I used so many different search criteria. Don’t remember what I used to find you. Yay! So glad I did.
    Wondering if it’s possible to buy the Sansevieria fiber all ready to go anywhere on the internet to make things faster and easier. This is another search I’ve come up empty on. I only get the plants as a result. Have you seen any out there?
    So glad I found your site. So many new projects on my list now!!

    1. Hi Renee, I’ve searched for the fiber too with no luck. I’d love to know what your Google search terms were that you used to find this tutorial. It’s always the hardest part when coming up with a tutorial because I have no clue what and how people search for things. Especially when they are something new that nobody has done before.

  7. Thank you for this tutorial.

  8. This is absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful job, you are very generous person. It is totally my style and I will be trying soon.

    1. Thank you and good luck with your project.

  9. Hi Julia,
    This is gorgeous! You did an incredible job! Thank you for sharing this project with the rest of us!

    1. Thanks Paolina! I’m glad you like it

  10. Hi what did you use (those pink straps)to hang it on the wall

  11. So naturally gorgeous. Thank you for taking the time to show us in detail, very nice of your and very much appreciated. I can’t imagine mine looking as good but will give it a go.

    1. Thanks, Sheryl and good luck with your project.

  12. Hello!

    I’m so glad that I found your blog! I am wondering approximately how long it took you to brush each strand? I feel like it takes me FOREVER! Even with the stiffener they seems to still twist up again no matter what I do. Do you have any tips or tricks beyond what you have in your instructions? I think I may be missing someone 😂 Thanks for sharing your talent with everyone!!!!!

    1. Hi there, you can try to use a hair straightener for all of it. Sorry it’s causing you issues.

  13. I’ve discovered that wetting each cord with plain water helps the strands to separate beautifully – using mostly just my fingers (and sometimes a comb)! I haven’t combined all 12 cords yet but I’m thinking that I’ll re-wet the strands once I combine them to get them to all play nice. I’m using NOANTA 4mm cord that is 4-ply (from Amazon). It separates into 4 strands, and then each strand separates into 11 strings for a total of 44 strings per cord.

    1. Hi Robin! That’s interesting because water hasn’t worked for me at all. It always tangled more for me. It is always trial and error and I love to hear what works for others.

  14. I should have read the comments. Wasted a whole day pulling apart strands and dipping them in the stiffening solution just to have them stuck and impossible to get apart. I used your exact materials!!!! Errrrrr.

    1. Hi Zane, if it is true starch that you received it shouldn’t happen. I know plenty of people who successfully recreated this wall hanging with my instructions. However the one time I reordered the stiffening spray they sent me a solution that was like decoupage glue and not a starch stiffener. This would make it impossible to brush the strands. So I’m not sure if that maybe happened to you as well.

  15. Hi, did you use the 12-8ft strands for just the narrow piece?

    1. Hi there! Yes just for one narrow piece. If you make a large one for the living room as I did with several narrow pieces stacked on a rod then you need a lot more.

  16. I found large spools of cotton yarn that’s very thin ( not the kind that you crochet with) but very thin almost like thread. Would that work out the same instead of dealing with macrame ?

    1. I think it could work yes. Good luck

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