1. I love your pumpkins and the picture of you on the porch is darling! It looks so cozy! It got down in the 40’s the past two nights in MN where I am and I’m hoping it at least killed some of the mosquitos so I can go back to being outside in the evening. Ignore the haters Julia! Your ideas are always good to me!

    1. Thank you Mary. And yes it would be so nice if a lot of mosquitos would die in cooler weather because I get eaten alive the minute I step outside. The porch is my favorite spot to hang out.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pumpkin post, and for saying what you did. lol I don’t do TikTok, but I have stuff pop up on my FB feed every now and again. This or that influencer has gotten a gazillion views of their super inventive idea….Part of me thinks, where have these people been? The other part, I was doing this 20 some years ago. 🤣

    1. Thank you so much Amber!

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