1. i LOVE that topiary! it is awesome with the mask on it! and the web! YES! i had one i bought and i hated it and got rid of it…. next year i am making one! because my kids love it. i totally agree, it’s all about thinking about the kids when decorating for halloween- it brings the so much joy!

    1. Yup it’s definitely about the kids. They make it so much fun

  2. Um, that Jack Skellington topiary is everything!!! What a fun and spooky idea. Love the tour! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Michael!

  3. Such a fun front porch Julia! You nailed it! Liam would love this!!

    1. Thanks Summer, it’s definitely a porch for all the kids

  4. Love it! I saw a cat skeleton like that at Target; I should have guessed one would end up in your Halloween decorating ;). And I want a marble skull, too!

  5. Your black and white Halloween porch has all the heart eyes from me Julia ???? Your daughter’s Halloween look is adorable! Happy Halloween friend!

    1. Thanks and Happy Halloween to you too.

    1. Thanks Julie. My husband was questioning my usage of his costume 😉

  6. Nick Burrett - Fashion Photographer London says:

    Wow I love your porch! The little skeleton cat is a great touch!

  7. I love your Halloween touches, Julia! What a welcoming and fun entry!!

    1. I think you need one too. Totally!

  8. Lynda (Toddler Baby World) says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I thought your post was beautifully written. Many thanks for sharing!

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