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  1. I love the bathroom, everything, but I have to say that this last touch is my favorite I think…..? I am going to check into aluminum blinds now. I have had the plastic, but the Florida sun cracks the top bar too fast and I am tired of the kitty kats breaking off the very ends to get onto the window ledge to spy on the street comings and goings. Do you think the aluminum holds up better? I always save the bottom slalts and I have replaced so many slats that those darn kitty kats break that I could have made my own by now.

    1. HI Sheryll, the blinds are from Home Depot and I feel like they last a long time. Lasted longer than all my expensive blinds. And thanks so much.

  2. Oh yes, where are you buying your aluminum blinds? I have in the past purchased the plastic ones from Walmart, but I think they get crappeer by the year & also hard to find the sizes I need in just plain white.

    1. Thanks and yes you do have to make one. But watch out, it’s addicting. I made way too many ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. That is such a creative way to dress up blinds!!!! You are amazing!! I think this would be great in a bedroom with panels too, functional and pretty. This room looks so great Julia! Love the black with the coral mirror.

  4. I could absolutely live with cheap blinds, eapecially since I could make them cute like yours! I was so lucky to end up buying a house with nicer blinds, but they don’t seem to be very good quality as several have broken. I really like the look of bamboo roller shades though! Tangent, I really like how you’ve made your blinds cute!

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