1. 🙂 I’m not bugged anymore now LOL and thanks

  1. Cute, fun and easy….perfect in my book!

  2. We have the same toilet roll holder! But mine is with the dark looking timber nit white. Your transformation is so freakin cute! I would never thought to do this but I love this, especially the pop of colour down the sides. Gorgeous!!!!

    1. Yup I guess you caught me 😉

    1. The other one is even fancier 😉 and thank you Michelle

    1. Changing it out so fast is definitely fun. Thank you

  3. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Well gee whz…… how cute, would have never thought of such. I have to order online if I get Ikea, no store for miles around me…. many miles. I am so tempted… how hard is it to attach to the wall?

    1. It’s really easily attached with two screws. Actually so much easier than the old ones I had.

  4. that is awesome!!!!! i love it!

    1. Thanks and I love RubnBuff Corinna

    1. RubnBuff is awesome for sure

    1. Oh really? I thought it was an obvious little sneak peak. Thanks!

  5. Oh I do love me a simple DIY! This is so cute and I love the little stripe of pink! (You’re daughter, once again, proves she has amazing taste 😉 ) xxx

    1. Haha I’ll tell her you said that. Thanks! I know she’d love your curtains 😉

  6. Julia… I’m still laughing over that first paragraph. You are TOO funny.
    Such a beautiful makeover for a not-so-beautiful topic hahaha.

    1. Yeah it’s not such a nice topic, isn’t it LOL but thanks Amy

  7. Love it! I still have no toilet paper holder in my house. Maybe I should go to IKEA or order one like your powder bath!!

    1. I solved the powder bath issue now and I think you should get one. It is definitely a show stopper.

    1. They will start bugging the crap out of you too and you have no choice but to change them all out. LOL

  8. Kenz @ Interiors By Kenz says:

    It’s the little touches that make the biggest impact. This makeover is SO on point!

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