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  1. Loved this! I have been curious about salt lamps for a long time. I wonder how many square feet one lamp covers.

  2. Love your salt lamps Julia!! I just love their gorgeous glow and had no idea they removed EMR too! Love your stunning wall hanging and your beautiful living room – you are so talented!! Happy Spring!! xo Heather

  3. Love your home and love to see the pretty pics of your furry babies. And I had no idea of all the benefits of salt lamps. Gotta given a try. 👍

  4. Wow, I had no idea a Salt Lamps had so many benefits. Thanks for the info. Love your home and I adore how you have redone your dining area. That settee is one of my favorites. Your living room is so pretty and looks like such an inviting place to just sit, relax and visit. Thanks so much for joining us on the 2019 Spring Home tour.

  5. Welcome to Walter, even if he is a bit mischievous! As always, I love to see how you mix color and pattern–your home is always so fun! Thanks for sharing about salt lamps, too. I had wondered if I should look into them and now I think I should.
    It’s always fun touring with you, Julia–happy spring!

  6. Julia, I love how you keep things real. And I love that you allow your cats to be part of the fabric of your home. This was a fabulous post and I thank you for sharing your home with us, unstaged and how it might look if we popped by.

    1. Thanks, Nancy, they are such a big part of our family and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Thank you for watching.

  7. Thank you so much for a real life post! I loved how your fur babies followed your every move in the video. Definitely would enjoy a tuturial on your fab new wall hanging!

    1. Yes whenever I’m busy they make sure they come with me and see what I’m up to at all times. I love that too and they are wonderful company.

  8. I must confess, wasn’t sure what a salt lamp was either but they have so many positive benefits that I should! how sweet is that pic of willy getting his snack on! im considering those chairs around your table. are they comfortable?

  9. I love the soft glow of that salt lamp!! I am loving the new dining area. A sofa- who knew? I bet your entire family loves to linger and have long beautiful meals there. The artwork is fresh and modern as well. Happy Spring Julia!

  10. Your home has such a positive vibe! I always enjoy seeing your fun decorative accessories. I am always concerned about emfs and I have been thinking about getting a salt lamp too.

    So happy to tour with you again this week. Happy spring!

  11. I have thought about getting a salt lamp and your post may have made up my mind! I love how you have styled it into your decor so well! I am also in love with your kitchen stools! All so pretty!

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