1. Margaret Ogle says:

    All are pretty..I like #4

    1. Yes I do love 4 too and it might be easier to vacuum

  2. 3 or 10 match we’ll and would be nice, but I love 8

    1. That’s a pretty one for sure and different than the others

    1. Me too, the only worry I have is that the food will be stuck in it nonstop😂

    1. I love it too, I just think it’s too similar to my living room mirror which looks almost identical

  3. Love 9 with the black accents to pick up the other black accents in the room. Plus it looks like it would be a breeze to vacuum. Although any one of them would look good in that room!

    1. I just think it looks too much like my mirror in the living room which is almost identical

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