1. Your laminate flooring looks really good, I never realized it was laminate! Can’t wait to see the vinyl plank. We are thinking of replacing our tile with it.

    1. Hi Nancy, it does look good in the photos but I will take close ups for my blog posts to show how bad it actually has become.
      In the kitchen we had some type of leak and it swell up which resulted in chipping as well. We also have large dents and other issues that you thankfully can’t see in my photos.

  2. Sorry about every thing you have going on. Hope things will be better soon.
    I like the new look for your bathroom…light and cheerful.

    1. Thanks Margaret, my daughter isn’t thrilled with the colors but I love it 😉 Thankfully she loves the shower curtain.

  3. Love the ideas for the new look. It should be beautiful and light and bright too.

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