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  1. He looks so sweet! Congrats to you all. As for the timing, it’s different for everyone. If you have room in your heart and home, the timing shouldn’t matter. 🙂

  2. OHMYGOSH…he is a little dolly! Our solid black kitty is named Tiger (don’t ask) but I think she has resented that name for 5 years (her age) because she is, gulp, a meanie!

  3. Julia,
    He is so handsome! Congratulations on your loving new family member. You’re both so fortunate to have found each other!

    1. Yup is a naughty little fella 😉 That photo with the dust in his face shows that he is constantly thinking about what naughty stuff to do next

  4. So handsome! Black cats are the sweetest – I’m a big fan. He reminds me so much of my crazy Oscar who I lost 7 years ago, but it feels like just yesterday. My heart never really got over that. Enjoy your new furry family member, no matter what name he ends up with! 🙂

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