1. I like a headboard. 6 or 7 are my favorites.

    1. I do love the look of a headboard too and I’m pretty sure I want wood on the bed somewhere too.

    1. I think 6 is a pretty strong contender.

    2. Pam Comer says:

      #1 or #4 because the bedside table and chair have black metal legs. (I also like a headboard for reading in bed instead of leaning up against the wall.)

  2. Sheila A. says:

    I most like the #9, particularly with the footboard that is available. It picks up the other black (chair/table) used in the room. Also provides for underbed storage if the need arises. The #6 is too low for me and I would never do a bed without a headboard (#5) especially since it would overhang the window. Whatever the choice, you’ll make it great!

    1. I had never thought that I’d consider a bed without a headboard but in this case, I do.

  3. Can’t you center the b ead in front of the window..despite blocking it?.

  4. Margaret Ogle says:

    I like #6 and #8
    I do like a headboard because it looks like the room is finished…
    You will make it look great whatever you and your son choose.

  5. I think #6 would be the most comfortable for him. A headboard to lean on was always preferred by my boys.

  6. Deborah Wright says:

    I like #7 headboard:)

  7. Great finds! I like #2 and #6 best.

    1. So far almost everyone liked 6 🙂

  8. i love them all but for noa’s room, i love 5- sawyer hates having a headboard so his is a platform bed with no headboard… would work for the window, too!

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