1. your home looks so beautiful! i love the earthy touches to your living room and i SO love your kids’ bedrooms!
    i am so sorry about all of the cancellations going on… it’s such a weird time in our world.

    1. Thanks my friend, yes such a strange time. Let’s make the best of it.

  2. I love how you painted the door in your sons room. Very cool! And the cut out kitty door-I love that!! What a great idea! My cats are perfectly content to stay in my room but for some reason as soon as I shut the door they want to go out. Then come back in…! What age is your exchange student? Are they still going to be able to come with all the flying restrictions on?

    1. Haha, yes the minute I close a door, they need to use it. Both my kids have the cat hole on their doors so the cats can come and go when they want but the kids have their privacy. We don’t have one on our bedroom door because I need one room in the house where I can still safely lock them away if we need to.

  3. I just re-read your post and the cancellation of the student. How disappointing for all of y’all! I had a trip planned to see my son in July in Finland and cancelled that due to this horrible virus. Many local plans have changed due to cancellation or postponement of the event. I play tennis on a league and now our matches have been postponed!! This is so crazy. Unfortunately I don’t get to work from home as I am a hospital nurse and will be in the front lines. Take care!

    1. Thank you Donna. I don’t understand why something like the student exchange can’t just be postponed to another time. I think that’s crazy. I’m sorry that you had to cancel your trip to see your son and hope you get to do it another time. Stay safe at your work!

  4. Hi Julia – I always enjoy your tours, but more than that I love seeing how you change things up in your rooms to make them appear new and exciting all the way down to the cat door in your sons room.

    XO Sorry to hear that your sons trip was canceled. 🙁

    1. Thank you Diane. I hope that I can show people that they don’t need a completely new house to reinvent their space.
      We are so bummed about the student exchange but I just talked to our student’s mom and maybe one day we can just arrange that our two boys meet without the schools help. Have a great week.

  5. I am so sorry about your exchange student cancellation, such a disappointment. I always love seeing your home, you are so creative and all of your macrame and textiles are always so beautiful. I love the wood burned items you have too, amazing. Thanks so much for joining the tour again this season, always a treat to visit your home.

    1. Thanks Marty and I appreciate all the work you put in to organize the tours.

  6. Julia, your home shines as usual! Love the Walter lamp, he’s so cute. 😀 I also have fairy lights above my kitchen window, they stay there year round. Love touring your son’s room and seeing his many collections. Oh, what a bummer is that cancellation, yep, they should postpone it!

    1. Thanks Cristina, not sure why he loves standing there like that all the time LOL

  7. Julia, that wood burned bottle is an amazing find for sure!! I love all the macrame as well and the bohemian vibe that is so fresh and fun. Beautiful home my friend:-)

    1. My brother couldn’t believe that I liked that bottle haha. I remember stuff like that from my childhood and back then I hated it. Oh how things change. Thanks Anita

  8. As always your home is full of such personality and global warmth. You do such a great job with eclectic and sharing your style all throughout your home. It’s beautiful for Spring!

  9. It all looks beautiful as always, Julia, and I love that cat door! We are supposed to be moving to Stuttgart this summer but of course that’s on hold now. I’m so sorry about your son’s exchange program; I know he’s disappointed. Hopefully this will all pass soon!

    1. Oh Stuttgart, how nice! My brother did his doctorate at the university in Stuttgart. It’s a lovely city! I hope it works out for you and thanks so much.

  10. Hi Julia
    Your home is lovely! I enjoy the home tours very much. Thank you for sharing with us. Your Walter looks just like my Ebony, pure black senior kitty. Ebony is almost 19 years old! Love those kitty’s!

    1. Oh wow 19 years old! You must be taking great care of him. I’m glad you enjoy my tours.

  11. i am with you on feel content and happy with my home and not feeling the need to mix it all up like i use to, although after this hunkering down at home….you never know. stay well and safe.

    1. Yes you never know what staying home will bring. But that’s why we have crafting, right?

  12. Your kids’ rooms are just fantastic. I adore the sweet kiddies. I am so sorry to hear about the German exchange. We are wondering if our trip to visit family in England this June will also be canceled. Here’s to health!

  13. Your home looks so stylish with tons of positive spring vibes! I love all of your creative touches and mix of textiles and fun decorative accents. So fun touring with you this week!

    Happy spring!

  14. Julia, I love you style and the way you mix patterns and textures! Your kids rooms are spectacular!! I’m so inspired!

  15. Love your spring decor! You have such an eye for design!

    Happy day friend!

  16. Franchesca says:

    What color is the dark green paint in the German room?

    1. Hi there Franchesca. The color in my son’s room is Deepest River by Valspar.

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