1. I love this wreath!! Could you tell me the name of that thick wool you used? Also…are there different weights of macrame cord? What size did you use? I am absolutely going to make this if I can find wool that thick. Is it chunky or bulky? What # is it? How much of each (cord and wool) did you need?

    1. Hi Colleen, just noticed that none of the links to the materials I used were working but they are now. And like I mentioned in the post I used 28 strings cut to 22-inch length of the macrame yarn and 14 cut 8-inch pieces of the thick wool.

      1. Thankyou…oh, I knew how long to cut the lengths of cord and yarn as per your instructions. I just wondered how many balls of each one I would require?

        1. You should only need one ball each

  2. Sue Thompson says:

    Thank You so much Julia for your beautiful creations. I love all that you create

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment Sue

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