1. I love this wreath!! Could you tell me the name of that thick wool you used? Also…are there different weights of macrame cord? What size did you use? I am absolutely going to make this if I can find wool that thick. Is it chunky or bulky? What # is it? How much of each (cord and wool) did you need?

    1. Hi Colleen, just noticed that none of the links to the materials I used were working but they are now. And like I mentioned in the post I used 28 strings cut to 22-inch length of the macrame yarn and 14 cut 8-inch pieces of the thick wool.

      1. Thankyou…oh, I knew how long to cut the lengths of cord and yarn as per your instructions. I just wondered how many balls of each one I would require?

        1. You should only need one ball each

  2. Sue Thompson says:

    Thank You so much Julia for your beautiful creations. I love all that you create

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment Sue

  3. Hi! I’m struggling with the half hitch knots lining up. Is there any way to get step by step pictures? Thanks.

    1. Sorry, you are struggling. I know that pausing the video tutorial that I included on the images that you need helps a lot. Did you try that already?

  4. Nicoletta Comi says:

    Ma la ghirlanda a stella è diversa dal tutorial

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