1. Gosh, I adore all that gold you decorate with! And your daughters room is not only organized, it is GORGEOUS!

  2. Wow, can I have her desk area? Love how the markers are displayed. Also, that purse is just gorgeous!

  3. Your daughter’s room is gorgeous Julia! I love the new desk and tulip chair and your love for brass figures. I can’t wait to see your finished closet.

  4. I absolutely love the light fixture in your daughter’s room. Did you make it? Also that desk is so perfect!!

    1. Oops sorry I missed your post! It was a white faux chandelier that I bought at Urban Outfitters years ago and recently painted gold.

  5. I love the piece you got at IKEA! It’s perfect for all her things and will grow with her. The display of her art is fabulous!!! What a fun room!!!!

  6. Lots to love in this post! I love that tray, love her desk and the idea of using it as a side table and desk, love her artwork big time too!! I hope she loves it!!

  7. oh, that desk area is perfect! what a great spot! LOVE the paint by numbers. and her paintings are fabulous!

  8. Uhmmm…I am not sure what is my favorite in this post…?Seriously. I loved every little details but those milk vases, so pretty and perfect to hold those colorful pencils..then the closet..AH-mazing,super unique…then I spy those gold hangers♥♥ I think you can make anything pretty and look organized, Girl:-) Have a lovely week!

  9. Hey Julia!!! Wow! You’ve been a busy bee. Everything looks amazing! : )
    Sammy ~ Renew Redo!~

  10. Julia, you have created SUCH a beautiful space for your daughter. I LOVE that desk and chair and your accessories are just perfection. Love it all!!

  11. Her desk area is so lovely! It’s very tranquil, yet still perfect for a young girl’s room – I bet the new space is inspiring all sorts of creativity! Personally, I want those paint by numbers in my own work space 🙂

  12. $75 for an entire tulip set!? That’s amazing! Those paint by numbers are gorgeous- I wouldn’t have guessed that they were! The desk upgrade is perfect <3

  13. I love, love her room! The desk is just perfect, as well as the chair. I think it’s so great that her art work is displayed here as well as other areas of your home. I think that builds self-esteem! Your home is so beautiful and your creative talent is never ending. Could you please come and help me? 🙂


  14. P.S. Forgot to say how much I love my recent order from you! Just perfect ~


  15. Love the updates to Lilly’s room!! Would you please come organize and finish up Ramona’s room?? PLEASE!

  16. I just love it! My daughter’s room is going to need an update like that soon, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much for the visit Bethany

  17. I love the diamond pillow on her bed! I’d love to know where you got it 🙂

    1. I actually found them in Germany at Ikea. I have never seen them here in the US, sorry.

  18. I love this. The organization ideas are perfect for my bedroom. Thanks!

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