1. This is one of my favorite projects of yours Julia! Everything looks so neat and professional. I never knew they made a spacer, that makes perfect sense! I’ll be pinning this for future reference for sure. Thanks for the great tips and tutorial!

  2. It’s beautiful! I can’t figure out how you got the seam to run along the curve of the headboard so perfectly, but you did a fantastic job. It really does look like it was professionally upholstered. I love it!

  3. I want to try a headboard again after reading your tutorial. I didn’t know about the spacer tool or the cardboard edging strips. It looks amazing!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Liebe Jrieße, Katrin

  4. This looks crazy professional! You are a a master! How did you get the seam along the curve? That is the part that frightens me!

    1. I was wondering the same thing?

      1. Hi Myra, simply by pulling and adjusting. The nice thing is that any uneven folds this might create gets hidden by the cardboard upholstery tack strip trick that I am showing in the post. It’s a perfect way to disguise curved upholstery edges.

  5. Woah, Julia! That is gorgeous! I was wondering how you got the nail heads so perfectly in line. I’m going to have to get one of those spacers…never knew it existed! The bed looks amazing!

  6. It’s perfect — a “professional” could not do better. I am so impressed!!! Gorgeous room! I noticed the faux chandelier in your post earlier this week and found something similar on eBay for my daughter’s room.

    1. Thanks Kim. I actually got the chandelier at Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago.

  7. I love the idea of using Ikea Sanela curtains! They truly are the best deal for the quality! And that blue is one of my favorites, paired with brass nail heads – perfection!

  8. I LOVE how this headboard came out!!! This is exactly how I want mine to look, except a little shorter. I don’t quite understand the cardboard tack strip, but I guess I can google it to find out more about it. About how many tacks did you use? I have a king-size board I want to do and would be great to have a frame of reference of how many tacks I will need.

  9. This is beautiful! What a lucky little girl. The Ikea curtain idea is genius because fabric is always what drives the price up. I love all your creative ideas! Thanks for sharing.


  10. I actually prefer the shape you chose. It’s perfect with the fabric (drapes) and brass tacks. Wonderful job, Julia. It looks professionally done!

  11. It truly turned out so good, Julia! I love how you used the same fabric for the skirt, it looks more like an entire upholstered bed. Thanks for sharing your resources, too! I need some of that cardboard tack strip and the spacer tool looks like a lifesaver!

  12. Wowzers!! Look at you go! amazing. I am in love with it, and it looks professionally upholstered. I was actually looking at those same curtains to make cushions for my benches out of – you can’t find velvet for a better price anywhere else.

  13. Want to come down to San Diego? wink. wink. A headboard for my 6 yr old girl is on my ever-expanding “Amy-Do-It” list, but I lack all motivation right now. You sure have one lucky little girl! 🙂 Tschüß

  14. OMG! My jaw ACTUALLY dropped when I saw this project! That has to be the most impressive, professional looking DIY headboard I think I’ve ever seen. DYING. I died. Pinning!

  15. Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies says:

    Although I will never attempt this, you have made it so simple to follow all the steps….Maybe someday, because I love that headboard!

  16. Stunning Julia! I love the color scheme of this room and the headboard is killer!

  17. It’s gorgeous, Julia! I LOVE the size and it looks so professional, that spacer is the ticket! I absolutely think you could have handled the more difficult one, next time! 🙂

  18. ingrid@nowathomemom says:

    oh! my it’s a lot, a lot of work and I’m sure your back must hurt very much but it was worth it, you did a beautiful job Julia 🙂 I had to read your steps a few times because I didn’t know that some of these things existed and I’m really impressed how you managed to do everything 🙂
    I really love your daughter’s headboard, I wish I had something like that when I was growing up or even now (ours is too simple) 🙂
    thanks for sharing all these steps with us too (great tutorial)

  19. Kenz @ Interiors by Kenz says:

    Great tutorial! You did such a fabulous job. It looks so so professional. I still can’t get over the brass. MM MM MMMMM!

  20. Seriously so beautiful! I love the headboard and especially love the color!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with documenting my DIY’s, you however did a great job with this one!!

  21. The headboard is gorgeous and so professional looking! I love that Jonathan Adler bed too. I think you went with the right shape though. Good call.

  22. Soooo, I’ve had 2 headboards that I had my boyfriend cut out of MDF (in the same EXACT pattern as yours), the fabric, and the nail head(kit) for hmmm… 2 years now? lol I’m so afraid to start them! Especially since I spent so much on the fabric. Yours turned out super professional looking. I love the cardboard tackstrip idea! When I eventually build up the courage, I think I’m going to try that method. 🙂

  23. Anonymous says:

    Das ist großartig geworden, superschön, Julia! Auch die Vorhänge sind so hübsch.
    Und die Ikea Vorhänge werde ich ab jetzt nochmal mit anderen Augen sehen, prima Tipp. Habe sie in pilzfarbig in der dunklen Jahreszeit an den Fenstern, dieses aqua ist aber viel schöner…
    LG, Katrin

  24. Wow this headboard is gorgeous. I love how straight your brass pins are. This looks flawless. I didn’t quite understand the step with the cardboard strips. Somewhat, but I didn’t get how you got the fabric to be taught once you flipped it over and how you got the corners by the circles so sharp and flat. I would love to know more about that 🙂

  25. This tutorial is awesome. Seriously! I am crazy about the color of the velvet with the gold nailheads, and insanely impressed that you were able to keep them so perfect, especially around the curves!

  26. Julia, great job on this tutorial. The headboard turned out wonderful. I really need to get up the courage to try this project myself. We have a guest bed still with no headboard!

  27. It looks like a pro did it. Great job!! I think a headboard is going to be the next upholstery project I attempt. You made it look manageable. 😉

  28. I was wondering if you used the cardboard strips when I first saw the headboard! I have used those in the past and it really does give you a nice finished edge. I still am in awe of your individual nail head skills. I have that tool and I still couldn’t get them straight! Kudos to you my friend, it is just a spectacular headboard, I love it!

  29. WOW! That is gorgeous! Every detail. I would love to make one for our king sized bed, but not sure I could tackle it. I’m in awe of your talent!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Why does the tutorial pic have a smooth wrapped edge and the finished project had a sewn seamed edge like a cushion cover?

  31. Love it! I’ve been looking at many DIY bedheads (since we don’t have any at the moment). But this made me kick it off tonight. I bought the MDF and timber at 8:45pm (just before the hardware shop closed).

    Thank you for all the details (much needed, and inspiring).

    I’m going shopping tomorrow to get the rest of the upholstery stuff!

  32. Beautifully made headboard. Excellent tutorial. I’m plotting to recreate my own right now, but I have a few questions:

    1) what thickness MDF did you use?

    2) why did you double up on the thickness of the MDF around the edges?

    3) to make the clean fabric covered edges at the end, how is the fabric adhered to the side? I know it is stapled from the back, but is it glued with something along the edge?

    – Andrea

    1. It’s about 1/2″ thick and I doubled it to make the edges look thicker so I could finish them with the cardboard tack strip. I just like the look better.
      And the cardboard tack strip is only stapled the way I’m showing in the photos not glued. Hope that helps and good luck with your project.

  33. What was your method to draw the cut-outs so neatly?

    1. I used a ruler and the curved parts where mostly freehand but you can use anything large that is curved like a large bucket to trace for example.

  34. Beautiful headboard. I am featuring this on my site if you don’t mind.

    1. I don’t mind at all if it’s only photo with a link back. Thanks for letting me know!

  35. Hi Julia!

    LOVE the headboard! I’m inspired to make my own this weekend for my bedroom! Then I get what I want, for WAY less money! I just had 3 questions! I’m motivated to make mine look as beautiful as yours!

    1.) When you put the foam on the front, did it overlap onto where you “doubled” up the MDF? I just wasn’t sure if it would look funny mostly covering the less thick part, and the edges of it on the thicker part (if the front would look uneven with it being thicker at the edges). Or was all of the foam “inside” of the doubled up edge?

    2.) On the “offset” on the back of the legs, when you upholstered that part, did you just put a staple in the “inside corner”, or was that somehow done with that uphostery strip? I didn’t see a staple visible in the picture, but wasn’t sure how that particular area would be done with the strip.

    3.) Do you have any idea how many tacks you used? I see they come in sets of 100, but I’m not sure how many I’ll need!


    Awesome work!

    1. Ooops….disregard my “foam placment” question! I see now that that “double up” is on the back, so the front is a smooth surface! Makes more sense! Just a blonde moment!


    2. I’m so sorry that I missed your comment.
      Hope a late response still works for you 😉
      to 2. Yes I just stapled in the back and then used the upholster strip.
      3. I’m sorry but I have no idea how many tacks I used. I remember having to buy more and now I have some left over.

  36. great job on the headboard. now I’m wondering where you sourced the curtains?

    1. Hi there Denise and thank you. Her window curtains I made myself, the curtains used for the headboard are from Ikea.

  37. How many panels of the curtains did you need for this project please? Also I know you said it’s sometimes on EBay, what is the color you used called please?
    Thank you!

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