1. you are stunning and i like you. 🙂
    and i am so glad that there seems to be progress with lily, and so happy that you and jarrid are able to work together- it’s got to be so hard but you are an amazing mom.

  2. You are gorgeous and I like you. I’m gorgeous and I like me too! Great song too.
    I’m so glad there’s progress with your daughter. Looking at the diagram, it is so true about the two brains. Along with the bacterial over growth syndrome, my doc did motility tests. It is to make sure that the nerves are communicating properly to the intestines. Mine don’t communicate very well. lol. My option was a stimulating device or adapt. Being an adult, I choose adapt rather than the implant for now.
    Continued blessings to all, Hope

    1. Awww thank you Hope! A motility test is interesting! I have to read up about that.

  3. Keep doing what you feel your mommy instincts tell you! As if dietary changes could HURT!!! Why the medical community is resisting you is absurd…you would think they would help you try all options to make a little girl feel better.

    1. Thanks jennie, the pediatrician also asked me to “please not starve my daughter” which made me so angry.

    2. Since when did veggies, protein and eliminating sugar equal starvation?! Smh, shouldn’t we all technically eat that well lol!

  4. I am so happy for your family that the diet change seems to be helping!!! I am with you that a lot of doctors just want to prescribe drugs when the answers might be possible without drugs! I hope things keep improving for your daughter – I know it’s not easy to eat a restrictive diet (but we probably all should eat more like that!).

  5. Yay! Im so happy to hear this great update, and it’s happening so quickly. That’s wonderful! Also, I’m new to your blog and haven’t seen a picture of you with make up, but you don’t need it. You’re a natural beauty!

  6. You are beautiful and so is your daughter! Thanks for sharing more of the story. Glad to hear the diet changes are helping out.

  7. I love your “Brave and Beautiful” outlook. You look fabulous without makeup. Your daughter is so lucky to have a set of parents who put her well being ahead of everything else and take the time to research. All answers don’t come in a prescription bottle. I get so tired of being labeled a quack for my outlandish theories that a few years later become established medical thought. Your doctor should be a board member on your medical team but not the chairman. You know best for you and your family. Good for you.

    1. I love how you put it, it’s so true. the doctor should be a board member on my medical team for sure.

  8. It appears you are on the right course with your daughter. I know this has been a trying time and my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    BTW….you are gorgeous! Throw away all that make-up and forget the long sessions at the salons!

  9. You’re such an awesome mom! I hope you continue to see progress with your daughter! Oh and if I had your skin I would never wear makeup!

  10. You are brave, beautiful, and definitely super mom!! Thank you for the update. I can’t believe your pediatrician would dismiss you like that. Crazy. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re right it isn’t going to hurt for sure.

  11. Love the wavy hair! I’m glad you’re seeing some improvements…sounds like how things were with us when we cut out gluten….nothing AMAZING, but enough good things that we haven’t gone back 🙂

  12. I am happy to hear that your daughter is getting better! I applaud you for sticking to your guns.

    You are naturally gorgeous!

  13. Glad to read about your daughter’s progress. She’s lucky to have a supportive family.

  14. You look way too good without makeup! (; Thanks again for the update, I’m so happy you’re starting to see some progress. Keep fighting and following your gut, in order for me to finally had to have Cooper I definitely stepped on some toes to get the answers and treatment I needed and did not care one bit I followed my gut feeling and I was right, you know your daughter like no doctor ever could so keep fighting mama!!

  15. What a road this has been for you all. The Candida diet seems to be a positive, promising change. I had no idea what your poor, sweet girl has been experiencing throughout her life. Hopeful that she continues to improve. And I just want to say that you & your hubby are an amazing team, amazing parents.

    Gah I love those pics of you!

  16. I love that you are approaching this from a less traveled angle! When traditional physicians could not figure out why I was having such a hard time making it through the day I, like you, did a TON of research and discovered other ways to treat my symptoms and ultimately heal my body from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. And guess what my naturaopathic doctors started with!? My gut. A complete overhaul of my diet and a program to completely cleanse my digestive system. My regular doctor thought I was bonkers when suggesting this possibility because of course he just wanted to write me a prescription. It was REALLY hard and cost a lot of money but it has been sooooo worth it!!! And after awhile I didn’t even miss the sugar, grains and dairy! You can do it and your daughter is so so worth it!

  17. Best wishes for improved health for your little girl.

    P.S. You are absolutely beautiful without makeup on! 🙂

  18. I’m so, so glad to read that the new diet is helping. It sounds from your post that your daughter now is hopeful for a healthy future.

    (You are so beautiful without makeup, btw!)

  19. I think often about you your precious daughter and your brave husband. I know this us hard but you sound like a great team. Keep with what your gut tells you to do.
    I hope your family finds peace soon. I think your daughter is a strong & beautiful girl. Inside and out. Just like her mother.. thanks for the update. Update us again when you can.
    Barbara Ann

    1. Thanks Barbara, I really really appreciate it. And I will write another update on her if we see some more positive change

  20. I am so glad to read that she is doing better and you are seeing some results! All the best to you and your daughter!

  21. Sometimes you have to listen to your Mom instincts, they are usually right. You look fabulous without make up. Love, love your site. Keep on the tract of a clean diet for your daughter.

    1. Thanks Debra for the sweet words and I sure will. Merry Christmas to you.

      1. Debby I meant to say not Debra, oops! I’m sorry

  22. My son was a late talker. Really late. We were vegans for the first 4 years until I found through research that we were starving his brain and muscles of muscle building protein. We also cut the neurotoxins and added fish oil. The biggest change in his personality came when we added COQ10. Please look it up. It has helped me with my anxiety significantly.


    1. Thanks so much Liz. I hear about COQ10 and will have to try it. Merry merry Christmas!

  23. Ruth.Holt says:

    I love your blog and would love to receive it by e mail. However, I cannot get the site to let me sign up. Please help. Love your kitties. I am a special Ed. teacher and very much believe in what you are doing with beautiful Lily. Keep it up. Do not be discouraged by doctors. They just as not trained for anything but meds. You are the mom and God gives moms a sixth sense where their kids are concerned. Follow your heart.

    1. Thanks so much. I wonder why you can’t? I just manually entered it and you should be receiving a confirmation email which you need to click. Let me know if this works. I wish you could tell me why it originally didn’t work because then I could try to fix it for other people.
      Thanks so so much and have a great week.

  24. You are a natural beauty! Hope your daughter is getting better and happier every day.

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