1. i can’t believe how much more i love this! it’s a simple change with dramatic effect that feels so much more you and a touch scandi!

    1. And I’m happy that I didn’t need an entire overhaul to totally make me love the space again.

  2. Marty Oravetz says:

    Love the black, such a simple change and yet such a dramatic change.

    1. Thanks Marty, I’m glad it was simple 😉

  3. Patty Day says:

    Love the addition of black on the stools. It completes the look!
    L Patty

    1. Thank you Patty, I love when a solution is so simple and cheap and makes me love my space again.

  4. dawn in NorCal says:

    Your barstools inspired painting my plain jane stools over two years ago. They look great updated to your new black and white scheme. You are clearly having a black and white stage in your life right now. But I think you are missing one thing that would enhance your black and white house….. a new tuxedo kitty….

    1. Well first of all thanks for sticking with me for so long. You don’t even know how much I appreciate it. And your comment made me chuckle and also brake out in cold sweats LOL because this one stray in our neighborhood had lots of black and white babies and I’m scared of the wintertime and what will happen. #spayandneuter

  5. Melony Smith says:

    Love it. Only in my dreams could I have a white anything.

    1. Haha Melony. The white isn’t that bad with the power of a magic eraser 😉 And thanks so much.

  6. How do you keep it all so clean? What cleaner do you use? I have painted white cabinets and the are a nightmare to keep clean.

    My house is 60 years old though, but I had the cabinets repainted 4-5 years ago.

    1. I’ve had this white kitchen for 16.5 years now and it wasn’t all that bad. My best friend is a magic eraser. However it’s starting to crumble in some spots now where I stripped and repainted some doors and drawers. Magic erasers are like tiny little fine pieces of sandpaper and eventually take paint off which means I have to repaint. Such a bummer.

  7. Kathleen Tweed says:

    WOW!!!! What a difference! I loved the stools before but so much more with the black! Great idea and execution! Love everything you do!

    1. You are always the absolute sweetest Kathleen and thanks so so much

  8. Amy Krist says:

    Hello stranger!! Ich liebe die schwarzen Akzenten. xo

    1. Oh wow you are still around Amy! Wie get es Dir?

      1. Ich bin sehr gut und sehr beschäftigt. Wir zogen nach Florida im August letzten Jahres. We will have to catch up sometime.

        1. Oh Florida, how awesome

  9. I am a HUGE fam of the “less is more” approach, and this is exactly why! I love the simple, yet profound changes here. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well thanks so much Angela

  10. The black looks great. Such a small but impactful change.

    1. It does! Love when that happens and thanks

  11. You can call it a friendship! Amazing change, looking so bright and clean. Love minimal!

  12. simple changes for the win! I loved the stools how they were, but I think the new look is a better fit with the other changes you’ve made 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Darnetha

  13. Love, love the black! They really pop now.


  14. I’m a fan of simplicity so your kitchen is really a kitchen goal for me. Looking forward to your other home tour post! xo

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