1. Your home gets me everytime! …and getting to see it all together with these fun tweaks was such a treat! Everything looks amazing and so cozy…love the video! xo

  2. it’s amazing what pillow changes will do for a room to bring it into this season- LOVE the leopard! and love lily’s new pillows- fab! and of course everything else. 😉 and the mini pumpkins in your horse…. your home is fall in a very you way!

  3. Julia I love your Fall decorating! It seems like a lot of us have gotten the minimal decorating feeling this year and I am loving it! Sometimes Fall decor can be over done and we all have busy lives! I have had my eye on that NB pouf forever too and almost picked it up! Maybe I will go see if it’s still there… Also the animation is killer. Very cool to see the simple changes transform the room!

  4. Hi Julia – You have such a great style and know how to mix and match beautifully. I take away so many good ideas in every one of your posts. I love every detail even down to the little leopard painted pumpkin. XO

  5. Hey Julia! Your home always looks beautiful! Love the little changes, love that leopard pumpkin and I’m seriously jealous over your $17 pouf! The gif is working perfectly fyi!

  6. Beautiful job! I love all of your gold accents and eclectic mix of pretties.

  7. Such a great tour Julia! I loved the gold and copper accents and the little leopard pumpkin! The kitties are great accessories too! Love!

  8. I adore your home! It’s such a bold, happy vibe! Stunning! And that gif is just perfection! Xxx

  9. Looks great— I’m finding a fair amount of people are low keying their autumn decor. Quick Question: I’m crushing on the Chiang Mai fabric/ pillow. Did you purchase the fabric (?from a decorator?) I’ve looked all over for it but seems that Schumacher only sells to the trade 🙁

    1. Hi and thank you! Yes, I bought the fabric through a friend who had leftovers. Did you try ebay?

  10. Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies says:

    Wow, you got it all in! The video was fun to watch!

  11. the animation worked great for me–fun!! everything’s looking great…you’re inspiring me to go out and get some gourds and little pumpkins 🙂

  12. Love that GIF! And $17 for that pouf?! Makes me wanna run out to Target just to check if they have any new Nate markdowns. Great tour, Julia!

  13. Julia, how is your home just more lovely every time I see it? Love your change-up for Fall, and you know I’m really loving those green velvet pillows! Beautiful tour!

  14. Those green pillows are perfection – for fall and all year long! In my opinion anyway!! Everything is gorgeous, Julia!

  15. I love your living room!! If I could steal everything, I would! 🙂 Maybe I can recreate a similar look if/when we buy a new house. All the colors, textures, and fun accessories just speak to me!

  16. Caitlin @ Desert Domicile says:

    I love that animation and the teeny tiny leopard pumpkin!

  17. Beautiful (as usual). I love that gif at the end that shows how easy it is to update a room seasonally. Sometimes I think it looks complicated but really it’s just a few little touches!

  18. I love it!!!! That animation is awesome!!! Your home is so lovely, Julia! xox, Emily

  19. I noticed many new (to me anyway) items in your beautiful home. How you keep it so clean is beyond me…. and yes I saw the trip home arrival photos….. still you keep it together. Everyone has answered so much already. The only thing I can say is (to me anyway) is that a house is not a home without babies of some sort and you have several, especially the furry kind.

  20. Julia – SWOON! It’s so gorgeous! And I can’t stop watching that wonderful animation at the end! I just love everything about this tour!

  21. Gorgeous tour Julia! I love all the color and warm touches you added for fall!

  22. I declare you have one of the most beautiful homes! I loved the fall tour and the fact you kept it simple made it classy..

  23. I love that gif of showing the transformation!! Seriously the living room (and the whole house really) is so gorgeous!! Love all the details. I’m also super jealous you got a Nate pouf for so cheap!!

  24. Love your simple decor for fall! The combo of the leopard and green pillows is so pretty!

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