1. Only you would come up with a leopard pumpkin!!!! I love it!! The pumpkin and the shoes are fab!

  2. So adorable Julia!!! I spied it in the home tour too and loved it!! Your creativity never fails!!

  3. Very cute! I love buying a bunch of little pumpkins as well. I usually go with the little white ones, but now you have me thinking because these are so stinking adorable.

  4. I too spotted your cute little Leopard pumpkin in your tour and loved it. I sure do love the shoes also, but can’t get them yet…. sigh. I have loved Leopard since I was a little girl and my mom had a green wool coat with a Leopard collar. I actually made a long Leopard (fake fur) coat back in 1970 ish. The material was really wonderful and cost me $16 per yard… expensive back then. Of course that did not include the satin coat lining and interfacing and all. I should have sold it when I knew I was moving back to Florida from D.C. I was offered $300 for it on the spot, but no, I had to keep it. If you only knew how hard it was to sew on.. fuzz everywhere, my mouth, my eyes, my food… lol.

  5. Those shoes rock! The little pumpkin is adorable. Bigger is not always better.

  6. Love it! You always come up with such fun pumpkins that are so YOU 🙂

  7. Shavonda@AHomeFullOfColor says:

    So flippin cute Julia! I love it!

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