1. Looks fantastic! Love it, very creative. Sadly it looks like this will become the norm outfit…lol…

    1. Ugh I hope it will only be the mask and not the weapons. Thank you!

  2. Your costumes are amazing, and your daughter is so beautiful (even with the scary face paint!)
    Happy Halloween!

    1. Thank you! And I hope it will never come this far in reality

  3. Bravo! You nailed it! She definitely looks like she came right off the set of the Walking Dead. That used to be one of my favorite shows back when the original cast was on it. By the way, your daughter looks just like you!

    1. One of my favorite shows too. I actually ended up loving “fear the walking dead” even more. Thank you

  4. Another great job by you!
    With her mask one she is almost indistinguishable from you.

    1. Thanks, part of me likes wearing the mask because you can’t see the bottom have of my face that is wrinkled 😉

    1. I wanted to do much more to her face but she didn’t want me to. 😉 thank you

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