1. I love it! I did liquid latex for my husband’s zombie costume, but didn’t know the Kleenex trick! We put his tshirt on the driveway and mud on the tires and drove over it a couple times. I went as Michonne. Braided and ratted my hair in dreadlocks, leather vest, boots, etc. and had him on a leash, lol. I LOVE her costume. Tell her to use some black or brown on her arms and legs for dirt, then she don’t have to use real dirt. (I have one with sensory sensitivities at home too). You’ll have to post a photo of your whole zombie family!

  2. she looks SO creepy! you are a master at makeup!!!! she is lucky- i mean look at all those costumes through the years!

  3. She is the most beautiful girl. You’re an amazing artist! My 10 year old is in the scary costume phase now too. I guess the days of cutie costumes are gone. Again, awesome job! Xo

  4. omg she’s a natural zombie. the makeup is killer (no pun intended) and her poses are fabulous! you might see about letting her be an extra in a local haunt! my SIL and her family drive the tractor and are scarers in a family run haunted hay ride in our area. my 10 year old niece does it, so your daughter totally could. oh, and she’s so pretty in her photos, even when she’s morphing into zombie.

  5. A whole lot of WOW!!! Your daughter is lucky to have such a talented mom. I love it:) I hope you enjoy your Halloween.

  6. That is fabulous! You are amazingly talented and your daughter is gorgeous

  7. Love them all. Isn’t this what Halloween is for, to have fun?

  8. this is soo good and she is so fantastic at taking pictures!

  9. Ivette Lopez says:

    I absolutely love it. It’s adorable how she gets so into her role. I don’t think kids enjoy halloween as much as we used to when we were kids. It’s all about who can have the fancier and sexier costume. It’s really refreshing to see these costumes that you create for her.

  10. Julia,
    You truly can do it all…so not fair for one person to have so much talent! Amazing work, friend.

    Much Love,

  11. Hi! Any recommendations on how to get the makeup off at the end of the night? I’ve used your technique with the late /tissue before and it hurt my son’s face so bad when it was time to wash up! Thanks!

    1. Hi there, I’m not sure because we had no issue with my daughter. Could your son have a latex allergy? Or how old is he? Could he fave peach fuzz already if he is younger because bonding some type of facial hair into the latex could definitely hurt when you try to remove it.

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