1. I love it, what a statement. Such a pretty room

    1. Thanks Marty, I’m so glad that we finally agreed on something

  2. Your daughter’s room is fabulous. Please come and re-decorate my house! You have such an eye for fresh, innovative decor. I got a catalog from Frontgate last week and on the cover there was a patio umbrella in a lemon print similar to your bathroom shower curtain. And I am now seeing lemons everywhere, but you were on to the trend first!

    1. Haha thanks Nancy! I keep seeing lemons everywhere too, even at Target

  3. Love the pairing of dark blue with your other color choices!!!!

    1. Thanks, the dark blue was entirely her choice and I’m glad I gave in ☺️

    1. Thanks, it really does pay off to wait sometimes. And I’m glad that we finally agreed on a light

  4. I love the chandelier! Perfect for a teens bedroom. Looks like your cats do the same thing mine do-wherever I go in the house they are sure to follow.

    1. Thanks Donna and yes they do! I love that they follow me wherever I go! It’s so cute

  5. ooh, I love it! What a great find! (and, yes, I can see how the old one–lovely though it was–was a little dangerous 😉 )

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