1. Such great macrame!
    You should open an etsy shop…keep your inventory low. ….lowers the stress level.

    1. Thanks so much, I’m glad you like it. I actually do have an Etsy shop where I sell different things but just haven’t started offering macrame yet.
      I’ve been asked so many times already about selling my pieces that I probably should. I need to get over wanting to keep them all LOL.

  2. I love the shutters and was thinking of purchasing a few because I thought it had to do with deflecting the sun and creating shade.

    1. Tammara, they re definitely good for that too!

  3. those homes are so beautiful! i love that curved wooden door at the gate. and i feel you on kids bickering! also love that dark macrame piece!

  4. Thank you Julia, I have seen those shutters, I really like those shutters but gosh, so many on that beautiful home. I’m working on getting new shutters to replace my old 20 year old ones, for the front of my house. I may see about getting one of those bahama shutters for my west facing bathroom window on the side of my house, will see what the cost is.

    Love your macrame pieces, just beautiful! Tell those kids to stop it, ha! Have a wonderful time visiting your family.

    1. They are still fighting here in Germany 🙁

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