1. oh julia, i am so sorry about lily! i know how much you love her.
    i am glad to hear that maya and willy have become great friends though!!! and let’s buy one of those beach shacks… with a few other friends because i can’t afford it at all or even close!

    1. Thanks Cassie, buying a house with friends like you would be the only option in acquiring one 😉

  2. I’m so sorry about Lily, Julia. It’s very sad and even knowing that she’s a very old lady doesn’t make it any easier. Good thing that sweet little Willy brings you some joy. I’m very happy for him and for you that you keep him and that he and Maya get along so well. The little ones grow up so fast, don’t they? It looks like we keep all four kittens. There are just too many available and not enough people who are interested in adopting one. Almost every day I read new messages about kittens found in the trash etc. It’s just awful.
    There are a lot of gorgeous homes in that town. I remember the stunning ones you showed us last year. Most lots are really small though. Even if I had the money I wouldn’t want to have neighbors so close by. Annoying neighbors can ruin everything.

    1. Thanks Julia. Willy is the cutest and him and Maya distract us from the sadness. I’m so glad you are keeping all 4 kittens because I agree that there are just way too many kittens and cats out there that nobody wants. It’s awful.
      I certainly would want a house down there even if the lots are closer together. A lot of the lots aren’t even that small but the houses on them are so big that they make the lots look smaller. It’s a very friendly community so I really wouldn’t mind being that close to people during vacation season. After all in hotels you are even closer to your neighbor 😉

  3. Catherine says:

    sending you and your family hugs and sympathy for Lily – what a fantastic cat Mom you are though, for her to get to such an age with her health condition.

    1. Thanks Catherine, she had a good long life for sure and that comforts us.

  4. Sending you purrs and hugs from all of us.

    Linda, Hershey,Bear, Princess Fiona Fuzzy Paws, Fluffy, Mia, Alexandra and the Fosters

  5. It is so hard each and every time. I have had several cats with the thyroid problem and it is heartbreaking because the meds really don’t cure them. I hope the younger kitties bring you some comfort.

    1. Oh no Debra. Several cats with thyroid issues? That’s awful. The younger cats certainly do give us a nice welcome distraction from the sadness.

  6. aussiebushgirl says:

    Sadly, beach shacks are a dying breed here in Oz. They’re viewed as prime real estate for a ‘certain’ affluent market, whose sole intent and purpose in life is to snap them up, demolish them and replace them with their Mac Mansions! Those shack owners who resist sale, invariably find themselves jammed in between giant mausoleums on either side, completely overshadowed or over-looked. The same thing happens when developers buy up a series of shacks in the same road, and build large apartment dwellings around the shack whose owner refuses to budge, thus making it untenable and unbearable to live there. It’s a ploy to shift out the ‘undesirables’, and replace them with an elite market who appear to be the only ones in the world worthy of a view. Watch out America – this growing trend could be heading your way!

    1. Ugh I know! The trend is here too. There is something so romantic and special about a street or even town full of these little weathered places. It’s sad that at some point it will only be a distant memory for older people.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about Lilly. Thinking of you.

    Love all these beautiful homes – and I’m definitely smitten with the black windows and those shutters. Perfectly beachy. Now we just need to win the lotto.

    1. Thanks Kim, it’s been tough with her. And I’ve been dreaming about winning the lottery. It’s so sad that normal people can’t afford a slice of beach anymore.

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