1. Wow, looks beautiful. Makes me want to do my stairs. And personally I love the idea of outdoor stain – like you said, it is much more durable and specifically meant to be walked on.

  2. your stairs look so good! we have stairs to the basement playroom i have got to prettify one day!

  3. Jessie Woods says:

    How is the stain holding up? Is it easy to clean? It looks amazing in the pictures!

    1. To be honest now after a couple of years. I have to reapply it again which isn’t really a big deal

  4. Thanks for the update. Could you please share a picture of how it looks before you reapply?

  5. My stair treads and risers are mdf so am not sure if this will work.

    1. Yes Mdf can be tricky but you can definitely paint it. I did a dresser that I sanded off too much and it revealed the MDF. I patched it and repainted it and it turned out perfectly.

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