1. the chapel is the cutest thing! looks like such a beautiful place and reminds me so much of seabrook island, where we go! glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Yes I remember your post about the turtle hatching. I didn’t get to see much wild life on our short trip though. It’s usually my favorite thing to explore

    1. You guys would love it. I want my kids to study marine biology now and get an internship with their institute.

  2. Wow! Never knew about this place, thanks for the intro Julia! Will definitely be putting this on my bucket list!

    1. It really blew my mind how special this place is and that it’s in this country.
      They are working really hard to keep it secluded and not too touristy too.

  3. Jill Catrinel says:

    What a beautiful island trip. It looks fun and relaxing and with those ocean views so refreshing. I love beachy bungalows. They have a special type of charm. I’ve lived in NC (mountains) for two years now and still haven’t made it to the coast, so thanks for the vicarious treat. Looks like a really good time!

    1. Oh you live in NC Jill. You should really get to the coast. It’s so worth it and special and I’m glad that I got the chance to go. Thanks so much for reading.

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