1. Sarah Skeen says:

    These are so clever and really appealing!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah

    1. Thanks so much Melaine!

    1. Thanks so much Brendt. I pinned your amazing trick too.

    1. Thank you Kim, I had fun making them.

  2. jen hadfield says:

    I love your ornaments, Julia! The designs are so beautiful and I love the color! Pinned! Thanks for joining us. I love your ideas!


    1. Thanks Jen and thank you for organizing. I pinned everyone’s as well. Happy Holidays!

  3. Oh my gosh. I love these! So fun! I’m going to share them with my MIL too. They have a property in Mexico, and I think she would love these to add to their holiday decor at their home there. Pinned.

    1. Oh thanks so much Jen. I hope she likes them

  4. These are beautiful, I love the character of them! Merry Christmas, Julia!

    1. Thanks Krista and Merry Christmas

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