1. Those plates are very interesting. Love how your parents displayed them, but I really like how you modernized the look. Cool post. Thanks!

    1. I think they are interesting now too. Took me only 38 years to start thinking about them a little, LOL

  2. I love the display with the antique sideboard, beautiful colors. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, not the best time for design choices! All I remember is country blue and hearts and geese! 🙂

    1. Wow, the 80s and 90s looked completely different in Germany! LOL no geese or hearts but my parents always like blue. I grew up with the blue velvet couch that I want so badly now.

    1. Well, like I said already, my mom doesn’t like my version: too colorful 😉

  3. Wow, that is some seriously interesting art. Very original and beautiful. Some of is almost turkish looking with all the gold tapestry-ish feel to it. And the gold vase is GORGEOUS.

    You really do have great taste Julia.

    Annie XO
    p.s. I added you to my blogroll to spread the word about your blog!

  4. it’s very nice how they have displayed the plates (the plates are beautiful, the colors are amazing) and how it’s just above their antique sideboard, I guess your parents knew how to decorate even back then when this trend hadn’t started yet 🙂

    1. My parents like old European dutch style, I guess that’s what I could call it! My mom would change a lot but my dad hates change!

  5. WOW I’m really impressed with these plates actually! They’re so interesting, and I love how they’re displayed. Not to mention the fact your parents are so on trend 🙂

  6. Those are incredible ~ I love them with their buffet! And, that vase…yes please! I used that West Elm rug recently for a client, it is so cool!

  7. What an interesting post! To hear about the history of artwork in your family was great! Makes me want to do some research of my own! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love both displays. I know I love that side table of your parents. But I love the yellow table with the plates. I think it brings out their vivid colors.

  9. I love the way your mom and dad display their plates. Their sideboard is gorgeous as well.

  10. What a wonderful display your parents have. I had to stop on this post first of course 🙂 I love your re-imagining with the yellow hutch and blue rug. Perfect!

  11. It’s great to find sooemne so on the ball

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