1. Haha, yes it is. He’s a guy after my own heart with all those cats. And they are all big ones too 😉

    1. Totally agree, he did!

  1. Debra Shoppe No 5 says:

    That is so cool. What happy and lucky cats.

    1. Yup they are. And they look like they are really enjoying it

  2. I like it, but what’s wrong with the cats? Why are they not allowed in the yard?

    1. The enclosure is to keep them safe from running outside of the yard. I think it is awesome. There are so many dangers outside of the yard, including neighbors who don’t like kitties. It’s a great idea right?

  3. Love these cat enclosures! What a wonderful way to keep inside kitties safe, while letting them get a taste of the great outdoors! Thank you, Julia, for inspiring us…I hope to build my own some day!

    1. I hope you get to build your own too Julie

  4. Dagmara - Glamista Home says:

    What a fun outside space for cats. This group looks really happy to be able to stroll and enjoy the outside space safely. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the visit Dagmara

  5. Mark Dickinson says:

    Thanks for all the nice comments! Julia really inspired me to make this and I’m no carpenter. It’s really one of my first wood projects ever. But it just jad to be as good as hers. She was very helpful with my questions. One hear later now i am going to add to it ao stay tuned. My walkway has grown with vines and offers good shade now. Its been a hot summer but my kitties are outside moat of the time. Even in the winter they are out lots. May do some upgrades and get a nice finish on the wood as Julia has done. She has been great and love her site and blog. Thanks! Mark

    1. Oh awesome Mark! Thanks so much for the sweet comment.
      And if you don’t mind then keep us up to date about your enclosure. It’s so so amazing

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