1. Wow! What a beautiful space!!!!

    1. Right? Isn’t it amazing? I wish we lived somewhere warm right now too so we could use our garden more during this time being stuck at home.

  2. Angela Martinez says:

    Thanks for reminding us of this beautiful space! Sure looks dreamy! Wish it was better weather so you could enjoy it and melt some stress away!

    1. Thank you, Angeal! That sure would be nice. It’s cold with ice rain here instead today 🙁

  3. Marilyn Weaver says:

    I used a poly stock tank instead of galvanized. No rust, pant and no outside coverage required. I put noodles around rim of tank and bout 5 bamboo mats(6.00ea) around pool on mulch. Cost 300.00.

    1. Hi Marilyn, that’s awesome! Unfortunately, we couldn’t use a poly tank because it wouldn’t hold the weight of all the stone and rocks used around our pool.

  4. Can I ask what pump you use? The water flowing out of my pump is nowhere near that strong!

  5. Hello! Where did you get the pool liner?

    1. I bought it on Amazon and linked it but it is currently out of stock.

  6. We have the poly tank but want to wrap it like yours. Ours is slanted so we will have to make adjustments of course and figure out attaching it but I have a few questions.
    1. How is the bamboo holding up over time?
    2. Where did you purchase such a large roll?
    3. What did you do to the top edges? Caps?

  7. I have a 6′ stick tank and would like to purchase a liner. The premade only come in 8′ and I don’t want to spend $$$$ for a custom made one. Do you have any ideas for buying the 8′ liner and trimming it? I’m probably use a rotary cutter and a tool for making the arc for fabric. I’m a little hesitant, so am looking for encouragement or a “forget it, don’t waste your money.

    1. Hi there, I can’t imagine that trimming the liner to fit a 6′ foot tank would work.

  8. Debi Jaynes says:

    My tank rusted. We striped the rust off, painted with anti rust paint advised by Home Depot. Installed the liner and 6 weeks later the pool was showing rusty water it was covered all winter and when opened up the rust evenly covered the entire inside of the tank. I now have a plastic Intex pool. I even have a rust remover on the well!
    I couldn’t deal with another tank or liner even if one were available!

    1. Hi Debi, Sorry to hear that. We’ve had the same pool liner and stock tank pool since 2019 and never had a problem with rusty water.

  9. kurumsal dijital pazarlama says:

    I have been a regular reader of your blog for some time now, and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the effort you put into creating such valuable content. Thank you!

  10. Thanks for posting this. It helped a lot. The only thing I’d add is make sure to use gaskets everywhere if possible and lot of sealant if using a liner. And even plumbers tape. You advised us but just throwing extra caution out there to help people avoid multiple emptying and refills. The one issue that we’re dealing with and wondering if you ever ran into it is is water ever got between liner and stock tank. It isn’t much and will likely just deal with it the rest of the summer but just checking.

    1. Hi Greg, I agree the sealant is very important. Regarding your question about the water getting behind the liner. Yes, that happens to us too. I wrote a blog post about what we do when we open the tank for the summer and how we address this issue https://cuckoo4design.com/opening-up-stock-tank-pool-with-pool-liner-after-winter/ I don’t know what causes the tiny holes in the liner. The metal of the pool shouldn’t be sharp anymore since I had added the flex liner. Maybe it’s dirt and from walking around on it. Last year we didn’t really have a problem with it though.

  11. Krysta Witmer says:

    We have a stock tank pool that has some rust in the bottom. We plan to get a pool liner (if we can find any in stock). Do we need to remove the rust first, or we can simply put the liner in the pool and use it? Thank you!

    1. Hi Krysta, Julie and her husband didn’t remove the rust and just lined the stock tank with the pool liner like a trash can. Good luck

      1. Krysta Witmer says:

        Thank you! That’s what I was thinking she was saying, but trying to be sure! That is easy enough!

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