1. sarah dorsey says:

    oh my goodness!! Now I’m hungry for pumpkin pie!! Yum!

    1. You have to try it Sarah. It’s really so so good

  2. aussiebushgirl says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing Julia. My hubs, like yours, is also very talented in the baking department so I am going to shoot him these recipes for his growing collection! Can I say that pumpkins are divine when roasted (with skin attached), and also boiled or steamed, then mashed with butter, sugar and a dash of cinnamon. We in the southern hemisphere and also in the UK tend to eat pumpkin as part of our everyday diet because of the obvious health benefits. Pumpkin pie, sadly, doesn’t feature very regularly on our menus. I love pumpkin all ways and would eat it every. single. day if I could! ~ heather x

    1. Oh let me know what he thinks when he tries to make it. They are all so so good and we make them regularly.
      I don’t really care for pumpkins in my regular diet or sweet potatoes. I usually eat everything but those two categories are definitely not what I want to eat daily but I definitely love the pie.

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