1. As always, Julia, its beautiful! I love your bowl of mini disco balls. And those black and white striped napkins – where did you get them?? I NEED a set of those!

  2. love it all! your home is so beautiful- it suits spring so well! love the table cloth on the dining room paired with the modern paintings…… nice surprise!

  3. Julia, your home looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see the kitchen backsplash!

  4. I love the incorporation of your daughter’s hair in the gallery wall! So cute. Can’t wait to see the backsplash.

  5. Julia,

    There are so many fun elements to your home and your design style is absolutely gorgeous!


  6. LOVE-LOVE -LOVE your style and home, Julia! Very stylish and love all the little details and touches! Thanks for tour! have a great day!

  7. Julia = super stylish. Your house is totally ready for Spring. Makes me want to go by some daffodils and liven this joint up! Also, I want your cross wall.

  8. I love it ALL girl and love that it is a reflection of YOU! All the colors make me so happy!

  9. Gorgeous! You are so good at accessorizing for each season – each time it feels fresh, but it also feels like “you” – love it! My current favorites are: your spring table linens (love that soft floral + the black & white stripes!), the leopard pillows in your daughters room, and I’m still DYING over how perfect your upholstered chaise came out and all the gorgeous copper elements!

  10. I could look at a tour of your beautiful home every week! It’s one of my all-time favorites, love your fresh spring additions!

  11. Your home just looks absolutely magnificent. I just love how fresh and inspired it looks. All the colors, patterns and textures. I am sold 🙂 Oh and disco balls: Definitely sold!! 😀

  12. Seriously beautiful, Julia! I love those mini disco balls and your gold deer. My favorite is your dining room though, so bright and fresh, and stunning!

  13. I’m in love with your home! The colors are so pretty, and every room just flows! So springy!

  14. Okay, now I want you to come over and decorate my house. It should be easy since we’re both in PA, right? Girl, I LOVE your style! I would never think to mix some of those colors and patterns, but you make it look absolutely flawless! Beautiful, beautiful tour!!

    ~Abby =)

  15. I mean…..this home tour is amazing! Your bright, bold and colorful style makes such a fun statement! I’d love to take an actual home tour, as I’m sure the pictures don’t even do it justice! 🙂 Oh! I also love your springy dining room table! 🙂

    1. Haha, I’m sure the pictures look better than it actually looks 😉 and thanks so much!

  16. The way you mix things up is so creative! You think of things I wouldn’t think to put together, but they look awesome!

  17. Your house is seriously amazing – I loved seeing a few of your rooms that I’ve never seen before. And love all of the spring touches!

  18. Love all those colors as usual! And that owl print… I’ve never noticed it but I love it

  19. Love the spring touches!! I think we have the same squirrel pillow! What, what!!

  20. Julia, I’ll never get tired of looking at your beautiful home! I love the pattern on your new pillow and your dining table looks so pretty. You have the best ideas!

  21. Talk about eye candy galore! All of these photos are stunning and oh-so inspiring! Pinned 🙂

  22. Lovely as always Julia! Love all the spring colours.

  23. Just too beautiful for words. I love everything….. even the changes…… silly me…… and I miss the kitty kats……… to me a room is not a room without the entire family sneaking in for a flash.

    And that oh so does not mean I don’t love all the way it is……. but I missed a furry baby…… just me ya know?

  24. Perfect! I love your style and your kitchen is gorgeous! You and Bliss at Home could be decorating sisters. 🙂

  25. It’s like a breath of fresh air. You definitely have an eye for pulling rooms together. PS, did I miss a post?? You decided to install a back splash? I’m excited to see that!!

  26. Girl, you impress me so much. I wish I had all those beautiful colors in my home, or that I was daring enough to use them! Maybe I’ll just move in with you 🙂

  27. I may have to grab me some of those pillows!!! I’ve been wanting to DIY a headboard with some chartreuse velvet and those would look fantastic with it! You’re home is beautiful! I’m jealous of how clean it is!

  28. Gorgeous! I love the way everything is so different but it all works together. Especially loving those mini disco balls!

  29. Ada Gonzalez says:

    you have impeccable taste, I want to move in!! Everything looks so clean and elegant!

  30. Your house is beautiful! I’m in love with your powder room and kitchen…in love! And your have awesome photography skills 🙂

  31. Your home is so lovely, Julia! I love your style. Each room is so unique!

  32. Gorgeous – I know I’ve said it before, but you have such a way with making a room cozy and beautiful. Love all the fresh, spring touches.

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