1. Trish Rodriguez says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Hugs my friend and thanks for sharing her with us.

  2. So very sorry about your Lucy, but I’m glad you were able to be with her in her final moments. We had our sweet Lua put to sleep a year ago (she was 20) just two days before my annual trip home to Texas. My boyfriend had had to have our other cat, Oscar, put to sleep several years before while I was traveling (just like the situation with your Lilly). That broke my heart and I said I couldn’t go through that again. I brought both of those furry friends with me when I moved from the USA to Austria back in 2000, and they were some of my best friends ever, so I understand what you’re feeling right now. I do love the picture of Lucy in the planter – she probably imagined she was a jungle cat!

    1. Thanks Alison, yes it’s an awful feeling.
      I think Lucy liked sitting in the planter to hide or scare the other cats LOL

  3. What a beautiful tribute. She was well taken care of and well loved. Thank you for saving her and giving her such a wonderful life.

  4. Ann Elferink says:

    So sorry for your loss Julia. Lucy was gorgeous. I have a very spoilt Russian Blue cat named Romeo.

    1. Thanks Ann and hope your Romeo is doing well

  5. the cape on the corner says:

    so very sorry for your loss, your love for your cats is so evident on the blog. i’m glad you got to spend some time with her before she passed, and i’m glad you were sure in your decision…i dread this day when it comes and i have to make a decision about my two babies, who are the loves of my life. how wonderful all these photos are for memories…oh, the one of her peeking out of the vase/pot…a treasure!

    1. I’m definitely glad that I take so many photos to remember them. And it will never be an easy decision even when you know it’s the right thing because you want someone else to make that decision for you

  6. So sorry for your loss, but what a wonderful life this beautiful cat had!! I know you miss her terribly.

    1. Yes I do, it does help to know she lived it to the fullest

  7. Cyndie Mellott says:

    Crossing the rainbow bridge…..Run free Lucy ♥

  8. Donna Bresnahan says:

    Cats are so special. Sincerest condolences to you and your family. What a beautiful girl!

    1. Thanks Donna, we appreciate it

  9. I am so sorry for your loss. It is always so heartbreaking to go through. But she is with her friends and feels so much better now.

  10. I commented earlier in the year on what a nice person you seemed like and how much I appreciated all the work you for the local strays. And I am now commenting again to say how sorry I am to hear about Lucy! She was a lucky girl to have you guys in her life and will be at peace now with her other furry friends. I always say to my friends when a beloved pet passes way the best way to honor their life is to open your heart and home to another. Certainly you already have 2 others so not to say that you need to or should depending on how much space you have and how much space you want… but your continued work to take care of them and the strays in your area is an incredible tribute. Keep your head up and keep up the good work! With love from NJ.

    1. Oh that is definitely the best way to do it and I’m planning on opening my heart again. And thanks so much for commenting again, it makes my day

  11. I know you wrote this with a heavy heart. Thinking of all of you today.

  12. So sorry for your loss. Glad you can take comfort in knowing that she had the best life imaginable.

    1. Thanks Ann we definitely do

  13. Beautiful tribute and pictures.

  14. i am so sorry for your loss and i think the plates are such a sweet reminder. i would smile at those, too. what a lucky cat she was that your husband walked in at that moment and she got to spend her years with your loving family.

    1. Thanks my friend. He didn’t even see her at the shelter, he only heard her voice and asked who that loud cat was. He didn’t even see how beautiful she was

  15. Hi Julia, so sad for you and Lucy. It is so hard to make the decision to let our pets go to their final resting place. You have taken so many great photos of her… wonderful reminders that will help you keep her memory alive.
    I love the plates. I have seen them in person and didn’t know the story behind them. Now that I do, I like them even more… XO

    1. Yes the decision is the worst, thanks Diane. And The story behind the plates definitely makes them better LOL

  16. Oh Julia, I’m so very sorry and I’m in tears for your loss. I’m glad though that you were able to spend the last days with sweet Lucy. She had such a great and long life with you. Your beautiful white queen will be in your hearts forever. The plates are a lovely way to remember your kitties.
    Sending you a very big hug,

    1. Thanks Julia, I’m so grateful for that

  17. Such a beautiful tribute (and yes, I cried through the whole thing). Such a gorgeous girl with an equally gorgeous personality. She clearly had a wonderful life with her humans and I love that you have those sweet plates to commemorate her memory. Big hugs darling as I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been to let her go xxx

    1. Thanks my friend, I didn’t mean to make your cry 🙁

  18. I am so, so sorry for your loss of your sweet girl! Thinking of you and your family. 💕

  19. Debbie Yaeger says:

    I am so terribly sorry for you and your family. My heart aches for you! Thank you for the beautiful tribute to your extraordinary Lucy💔

  20. Dear sweet Lucy will always be loved. Your family gave her a lovely long life with lots of love and cuddles. She gave just as much if not more back. A very special girl.

    1. She definitely gave back more than we could ever give her.

  21. So sorry for your loss, what a beautiful tribute to Lucy. I feel and know your pain, 2 wks. Ago we had to put our sweet 16 yr. old tortie Leilani to sleep. Thank you for sharing your sweet kitties with us. R.I.P. Sweet Lucy.

    1. Oh I’m so sorry about your Leilani. 16 years is a great age too

  22. Carolyn Montgomery says:

    So very sorry. Your babies are so are for you have no regrets. I can’t stop crying. If only every shelter baby could have a loving home. Sometimes it’stoo Overwhelming.

    1. Oh I don’t want you to cry and I know exactly how you feel about the shelter situation being overwhelming. How do we pick our pet when there are so many with so much love to give and all are deserving of a great home.

  23. A lovely tribute to a sweet kitty. Your pictures are beautiful. Wishing you peace.

  24. Julia, I am so sorry for your loss. Little Lucy was beautiful. It is so heartbreaking to lose a pet. They are such a HUGE part of our lives. She had an amazing home and family and I know she knew how much she was loved. I have 4 rescue kitties and I am always so grateful to others who rescue. I am crying as I write this because I’ve had to make the same decision to end the suffering so many, many times. There are no words to make you feel better. Bless you.

  25. Sharon Scott says:

    Thanks for your sweet remembrance . I too have several of the white cats..its a breed from Thailand. They are next to human in expressing emotions, Talking and being present with whatever is going on. They are so precious. God sent them to us when the angels are busy. I make a ceremony to celebrate their living and that helps with the overwhelming sense of loss. I drink a bottle of champagne and upend the bottle in the garden..a soldier down. There are times i still feel one or the others presence. Love to you all..Nomeste.

  26. So sorry for your family’s loss. They really do take a piece of our hearts when they leave. I truly believe that someday when I pass I will have a wonderful reunion with all my pets that went before me. The Pope even said that pets go to heaven. 😉 Sending thoughts of peace and healing your way.

  27. Judie Updike says:

    Crying. My.Jewels and Scarlett are 14 and I continually tell them to stop getting old!

  28. Rita Mandal says:

    What a beautiful tribute to Lucy! She lived a full life with her furry and human family members, surrounded by love and kindness. Hope the memories of Lucy bring you and your family comfort and peace.

  29. I am so very sorry to hear about Lucy. What a beautiful precious kittie she was. I have three rescue kitties, but I’ve had many more through the years. I’ve been a cat lover my entire life. They are an exceptional animal. When they honor you with their love it’s never ending. They will hunt you down to shower you with head bumps, biscuits and purring loudly. We have three individual kitties that are loved for their uniqueness. I can’t imagine not having a cat or two or three 😊 In my life….. Always! Bless you for taking your love and sharing it with these wonderful fur babies. Kittie lives have been changed because of you and your love. Lucy’s spirit will live on in the kittie that joins you next.

  30. Sorry for your loss. The plates are a happy reminder of their time with your family.

  31. Julia we spoke over IG this week but I loved reading this tribute and seeing all these lovely images of your Lucy.
    Be well xx

  32. So sorrow for the heartache you and your family are experiencing now. Lucy was a beauty and how blessed she was to have found your family! Because of your love of animals your kids are gaining valuable life lessons on caring, giving, loving and living with how to deal with grief and sorrow. Blessings to all.

  33. So very sorry about Lucy. Thank you for giving her a loving and happy home. I love how y’all love your kitties.

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