1. Thanks Pam. She is not throwing up anymore and I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. Thanks Ashley!
      Thankfully the vet is my hubby’s cousin and I know I trust her.

  1. You did a fabulous job on the dresser! I love it and those gold accents make it so chic and sophisticated! I hope your cat is feeling better.

  2. Looooooooove this Julia. I’m not particularly a fan of chalk paint, but this is really great. Love the lines of the dresser and the color combo. Another great makeover my friend.

    1. I used to not like chalk board paint either but it’s seriously growing on me because I can do it inside in the winter time as well.

  3. Well of course it’s cute! I love the style of that little dresser. The brass and pink is scrumptious! I’ve wanted to experiment with DIY chalk paint too, so I’ll be interested to read your take on it!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I can’t wait to try out different recipes or maybe even come up with my own…lets see!

  4. Pure pink PERFECTION! I love the color and will be waiting for the tutorial! I have a vendor near me and buy the ASCP often… but have been debating a DIY! Love yours!

    1. Thanks Tiffany, my goal is to get the same texture DIYed one day as the ASCP and the CeCe paint. BUt O have some playing around to do, that’s for sure.

  5. It’s MORE than cute! It’s beautiful! I adore the color! and the gold accents are perfect!
    Even with vendors available here, a number of DIY experts have been mixing their own!!! They have had great success— as I see you have had!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Melissa! It’s so much fun doing projects for a little girl’s room even if it’s not for your own 😉

  6. Love it Julia! Such a pretty shade of pink! I need to get some of that Braso! How was the waxing process?!? I have heard nightmares! It looks like it went well! Another great one:)!

    1. Thanks, the waxing has been going well so far 😉
      And Brasso is awesome!

  7. OOOH! Julia, es sieht so super aus!
    Ganz, toll! So süss!
    Gold und rosa geht immer;)

    1. Thanks and nope I didn’t. It was leftover paint from my babygirl’s room.

  8. Oh I love it. Now do my old, fake wood (veneer) or what ever for me? No, just kidding. Mine is a crappy, tiny bed table that is WAY too short for my bed (17 inch mattress). And why did they do that anyway with these mattresses? I am so wanting to build my own platform bed so I can dispose of the box springs…. sheeh I would like to whip whoever thought of such high mattresses.

    Anyway, I so hope my little table turns out even close to as cute as this gorgeous pink one. And I wanted to spray paint mine a SHINY GOLD all over…. uh anyone tell me if this is a huge mistake? I already bought two cans of Rust-Oleum American Accents bright metallics. Sooooooooo what do you think Julia? And everyone else?

    1. Sheryll, I don’t think gold is a mistake right now…how could it be??? LOL!
      Try it out and spray away! I’m sure your table will turn out great!

  9. The dresser looks GORGEOUS Julia! 🙂 I love everything about it ‘PINK’ & ‘GOLD’; perfect combo! I would like having a little girl to have pink furniture in my house 🙂 & how I can’t wait to read about your paint experiment, I guess I’m not the only one 😉
    & sorry to hear about your cat and the week you’ve been having too, I’ve been having a very difficult one too with Nate but hoping it will get better soon. & When I read about your bikini inside out, it really made laugh over here at the other side of the computer ha!ha! 🙂
    not too long after I gave birth of Nate two years ago, we went for groceries and my hair was unwashed but I was so tired I didn’t bother to do anything about it, anyhow when we were in the store I realized I was wearing my grey pyjama top! ha!ha! it looked like a t-shirt but still I couldn’t believe this had happened to me 🙂 I guess, this happens to all of us! (I think!) 🙂
    hope your week will get better and that your cat will get better too!

    1. I’m gad that I’m not the only one with wardrobe malfunctions!!
      I hope your week will get better with Nate too!

  10. Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG says:

    I found you on facebook thru Its Overflowing and I am so glad I did – I’ve been looking for a chalk paint recipe…please tell me that you are going to share yours!! – I am too cheap to pay the price of chalk paint and I too don’t have a local vendor and don’t like to order online…I’ll be hanging on until Friday – can’t wait for you to share!

    You’ve go a NEW follower!!

    1. Aww thanks and yes I’m planning on sharing. But I’m not done yet with trying out chalk paint recipes. I’m on a mission!

  11. Julia- I am obsessed with your makeover!! It looks so adorable! I totally get you with the instant gratification thing. I am the exact same way which is why I’ve only done 2 projects with chalk paint. I’ve been wanting to try the recipe for a while now, thanks for the inspiration!

  12. oh I love this Julia! Blush pink and gold is one of my favorite combos and that mirror is great too! I’ll be pinning this one for sure 🙂

  13. I love it!! Are you keeping this one? I can’t wait to read about your recipe and how you thought the homemade version compared. DIY chalk paint has been on my list for a while, but sadly there are still many (MANY) projects in front of it. 🙁

  14. Oh Wow! This looks fantastic.. you always post great stuff.. got me wanting a pink dresser..

  15. That is gorgeous…love it! What a transformation! What a perfect pink color!

  16. So perfect, Julia! Love the pink paired with the gold. Such a sweet dresser! (And I love that mirror–I have the same one.)

  17. Hi Julia! I read your post Wednesday morning on my phone but didn’t get to comment yet! I’m sooo sorry about your kitty. I hope she doesn’t have any more flare ups for a long time.

    Your dresser turned out gorgeous!!! And I love your styling.

  18. THis is soooo lovely! I’m pinning it for sure. I’d love it if you linked it up at my weekly linky party on Monday – Mod Mix Monday at Mod Vintage Life. Just gorgeous.

  19. The color on this dresser is just gorgeous.

  20. Oh it’s so dainty and pretty!!! Love the softness of the color and the brass…well, you know I love the brass!

  21. Absolutely beautiful, Julia! Such a soft, sweet dresser. The gold hardware is perfect.

  22. Beautiful dresser!!! I absolutely love that shade of pink, it’s beautiful!!! It looks great with the gold handles and the mirror above it!!! Lovely!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Where did you get the gold sunburst wall decor? its beautiful!

    1. Oops, didn’t see this until now. Sorry! When someone leaves a comment as anonymous it gets swallowed up by all the spam I get. Sorry again.
      The starburst is from Home Depot and only $35!!!

    1. The pink is a color that I had leftover from my daughter’s room and I mixed it myself. Sorry that I can’t be more specific Vicki.

  24. Divena Lachana says:

    Wow…love how it turned ! Really beautiful perfect combination ! Great job

  25. Oh gosh, this turned out great. I love the color and the gold…… wow. I am late in reading and commenting once again. I hope Lucy is good now.

  26. The dresser is adorable! Have you tried Green Magma for your cat? It helped our dog.

    1. Julia Konya says:

      Thank you, no I haven’t tried it, but will look into it!

  27. Where is that mirror from? Love the whole look!

    1. Thank you Bonnie, the mirror was from Home Depot and it is Martha Stewart.

  28. I’d love to know the wall color in this picture with the dresser?

    1. Hi Sara, the color is called Rocky Bluffs (4003-1C) by Valspar 🙂

  29. That dresser turned out absolutely gorgeous! I love it.I found an old dresser by a dumpster a few weeks ago and this post will help me a ton. Thank you!

    1. I’m glad you like it and that it will help you.

  30. Cassandra says:

    Hello! In love with this transformation!! I was wondering what type of pink chalk paint you used? Or if you made it, how did you make it?

  31. What is the wall color in this photo??

  32. Jennifer P says:

    The dresser looks great. Btw I think my cat George has the same issue. Anyways, do u remember what color is on the wall? It’s the perfect gray/brown I’m looking for.

  33. What is the paint color on the pink dresser?

    1. I’m sorry but I mixed the paint color from my daughter’s old room color

  34. Can you tell me what the paint color is on the wall?
    Thank you

    1. It’s Rocky Bluffs by Valspar

  35. Jeana Rock says:

    What wax did you use to finish it? Is the gold wax or paint? How did you apply it? I’m working on a similar design and love how you finished yours/

    1. Sorry for the late response. I used a clear furniture wax for chalk paints that’s not available anymore. But I’m sure any clear chalk paint wax would work. There are many. The gold is Rubn Buff.

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