1. Thanks Cassie, I truly love the color and dresser so much better now.

  1. Patty Day says:

    It’s PERFECT!!!!

  2. It’s beautiful Julia! I love this color and definitely pinning it for later!!!

    1. Thank you Summer. It’s amazing how much better I like the piece now

  3. Gretchen@BoxyColonial says:

    It looks SO GOOD! Those knobs are just amazing, and the pink is perfect 🙂

    1. And my husband likes the pink too 😉 Yay! Thanks Gretchen

  4. Wow! You really made it yours… Fits your style and home so much better. Great job!

    1. I feel like it matches my home so much better now too. Im aware that some people cringe that I painted the dark piece but for me it was the right choice

  5. I love the pink color, it really looks great…love that tassel:)

  6. Spectacular! Seriously.

  7. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Wow, Barely Pink is just perfect. I really love it now!

    1. Thank you Sheryll, glad you like it.

  8. Nikki Gwin says:

    Wow what a transformation! Very stylish. 🙂

  9. Barbara Ann says:

    I love it! If the dark doesn’t work but the piece does, then paint it! The pink makes it look like Hollywood Glam from the 40’s.
    Thanks for sharing the tips to getting this great finish.

    1. Thank you Barbara Ann. I think it does too.

  10. Wow, surprised at how much I like the colour! The transformed piece looks better with your decor. Unrelated question: Do you have to dilute the paint to use the sprayer?

    1. Great question, I should have included that in the post. I actually didn’t have to dilute it. The sprayer comes with a guide on what you have to dilute and what you don’t. The paint and varnish worked great the way they were.

  11. Laurie @ Laurie Jones Home says:

    I absolutely love it! Crazy the color isn’t too girly it’s so subtle! It’s gorgeous Julia!!

    1. Thank you Laurie, I think that’s why my husband can handle it too

  12. Maggie @ Maggie Overby Studios says:

    LOVE the pink and I have those same pulls in my stash just waiting for the right piece (haha maybe the one that has been sitting in my garage for two months.) Love that you used them vertically. Great job!

    1. Thank you Maggie, the reason i did the knobs vertically is because of the door knobs being so close together and I couldn’t have done them horizontally. I like them this way.

  13. Gorgeous – I love it! You did an amazing job. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Zehr gut!!? Nice job!!

  15. Beautiful! Love the color! Great job!

  16. June Pope says:

    It is so beautiful! I love it. And I really appreciate the step-by-step instructions you provided. I want to try this soon and your instructions are so helpful.

  17. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  18. I love how beautiful this piece turned out ! Do you use a latex or oil based paint? I appreciate the step by step instructions!!

  19. Looks great.
    With all the sanding, priming, painting drying between coats– how many days do you think it too from start to finish?

    1. Sorry I missed your comment. The longest is always the prep which took me a little less than a day. The painting of the different coats isn’t all that bed because one coat is done in maybe half an hour? And then you have time to waste in-between the different layers. So all together maybe 3 days

  20. Brynne @ The Gathered Home says:

    Julia, this is absolutely stunning! I love the pink color you chose! It looks so fabulous!!!

  21. Kimberly Duran says:

    Oh it’s just stunning! I absolutely adore it – what a transformation!! xx

  22. I love this! The shade of pink is absolutely perfect. Where would one find those boxwood balls? Thanks so much!

  23. Emily @ Go Haus Go says:

    Amazing! You have me wanting to paint something pink!

    1. Haha thanks! Do it 😉

  24. Stunning! Such a lovely shade of pink and the hardware is perfect.

  25. Danielle Ferretti says:

    Hi ! I absolutely LOVE this ! Just started making over my walk in closet…. I have a family antique tall dresser in dark wood which I want to paint a light pink, and this is PERFECT ! I know, I know – the wood purists out there would freak over me painting it… but my husband actually HATES it and has tried to put it out at the curb for trash pick up a few times. Some struggle might or might not have ensued…. 🙂 Soooo that makes me believe that I can do whatever I want with it, right… ? The dark wood just doesn’t fit my style anymore… So excited to paint it now that I have seen what it can be like ! But – I do have a question… Seems like the link to the hardware isn’t working. Can you pls tell me where you got it ? Thanks so much !

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