1. Debby Wright says:

    Hi Julia
    Thank you for the updates. I love hard wired outdoor lighting and have tried solar but it just doesn’t do the trick for me.
    Love the hostas under the maple tree. I miss all those flowers, trees and plants that grow up north.
    Kids are growing fast! You look beautiful as ever and hope you heal quickly.

    1. Thanks so much Debby, my arm is getting better every day. I sometimes can’t believe that my kids are adults ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Julia – So sorry to hear about your arm. I hope it will be back to normal soon. Happy to hear your Dad is home. Life as a blogger sure has changed since we started. It is disheartening to see Google using our hard work for their snippets and no compensation, plus all the other AI changes. Readers and most people have no clue what is going on. For me, I am going back to the old school blogging way – more personal and chatty like your post today. No more trying to please Google for me, just my readers and maybe Pinterest. :-).

    Take care and enjoy the holiday weekend.

    1. I wish people would know what these changes mean for us. I tell all my friends and family to scroll past the first sections on Google and scroll down a bit until they see smaller blogs again to click on if they want to support us. And Google always claims they have user experience as first priority which is such a lie. So upsetting! I agree with you trying to please Google shouldn’t be a priority anymore. And some laws should be put in place to protect us. I also get frustrated when I see all these AI-generated images on Pinterest now too. It is all so fake looking ๐Ÿ™ Have a wonderful weekend too.

  3. Thanks for the updates! PS: I’m glad the Universe kept you home for your cat; we’ve had many similar situations in our household. (Whenever plans change for “the worse” I ask myself why, and the reason often becomes quite obvious soon after.) Best of luck to your dad and your feline friends!

    1. It is crazy how things happen for a reason and then in the end there are many reasons to be thankful for how it happened. Maya is eating and doing a bit better and had her first dose of chemo meds. So fingers crossed!

  4. Glad your arm is better-have a good holiday weekend!

    1. Thanks and you too Jen!

  5. Glad to hear your arm is mending. Appreciate hearing about your cat’s hyperthyroidism since our 17 year old cat, Lionel, was just diagnosed with that. He had gotten very skinny and one day we found him laying in the hall in a puddle of his urine and really out of it. We rushed him to the vet, thinking this is how it ends for him. But she said it was probably a mini stroke caused by hyperthyroidism and elevated BP. We started a thyroid and BP med and he is really doing well…….we don’t know for how long because of his age, but we take it one day at a time! The transdermal thyroid med applied to the ear makes treating a cat so much easier. Thank you for sharing your experience with this issue that and the positive outcomes that resulted. These furry buddies hold such a special place in our heart.

    1. Oh Helen, I’m so glad he is doing better. Since my Lilly cat, I know to take them right away once I notice the weight loss because of the thyroid issues. I never imagined that Maya had two more severe issues. It’s crazy! She had her first dose of chemo meds yesterday and I’m more optimistic again because she is eating. I hope your Lionel lives many more years because I know it’s definitely possible. Have a great weekend.

  6. Cassie Bustamante says:

    Man, what a time!!! So glad that everyone is on the mend, including Frank. I LOLed at Walter’s disgusted face. Ha! And you look phenomenal, my friend. Beautiful as always!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Cassie. Walter makes me laugh all the time with his expressions ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a great weekend.

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