1. I just love your home and how calming it feels! It’s been really fun to watch your style evolve over the years, too! Love all of your plants and macrame touches and wish I had half of your talent!

    1. Don’t say that 😉 you are so freakin talented. My style has definitely changed a lot, thank you.

  2. I always love seeing your home, your macrame is amazing and I love how you have added more plants. You have a rare talent to keep them all alive and I love the way you mix them in with all of your decor. Perfect Spring tour and I didn’t miss the bunnies one bit. Thanks tons for joining the tour again this season, your home is always so fun and full of inspiration.

    1. Thanks Marty, I’ve killed a couple along the way 😉

  3. Hello! You may already know this, but a great trick for houseplants is to let the tap water sit out overnight before watering. That way the chlorine evaporates. My mom is the ultimate houseplant whisperer/hoarder, and she’s been doing that her whole life. She just fills her watering cans before bed, and then waters the next day. Bonus points for letting the water sit even longer.

    1. Hi Corrie, yes I’ve heard about that, I did read though that some of those plants don’t like the fluoride in the water and that unfortunately doesn’t evaporate from the water. I do let the water sit in a watering can usually though.

  4. Oh, where to start! I love everything about your home! Your macrame projects are gorgeous, and I love that you have so many plants – I have lots of plants in my home too! I have to sneak them in these days because my husband thinks we live in a jungle already! I wonder if he’ll notice if I hang them from the ceiling! 😉

    1. Haha, yes you should hang them from the ceiling. I have to sneak mine in too but usually my husband doesn’t care all that much.

  5. Who needs bunnies when having a clowder of pretty cats! 🐱 I love how you always decorate your home keeping them in mind. Willy’s swinging bed is awesome and so are all your macramé projects! The master bedroom and bathroom updates are beautiful too, green for the win!

    1. Thanks Cristina, enjoy your weekend.

  6. Oh my, your home is absolutely stunning…it’s so calm and bright. I love all your plants and baskets…just perfect. And HOW CUTE is your cat in that hanging basket bed?!

    1. Thanks Jo-Anna, Willy is the best and such a spoiled little guy.

  7. What a wonderful tour! Your kitties are just too adorable… and I love your hanging cat bed! Also, your disguised printer box is such a wonderful idea!

    1. Thanks Christy, have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Julia I LOVE this post! I can’t wait to show my daughter. She has a darling cat and will want to make the macrame bed and add a few plants to her home. Bravo!

    1. Oh thanks Laura, I hope she likes it. Have a great weekend.

  9. Your plants are so amazing, they add so much vibrance to your spaces! And I love your gorgeous green bathroom!! Happy Spring!

    1. Thanks so much Tamara, enjoy your weekend.

  10. Your spring home is so inviting, warm and filled with character. I just love pouring every photo and all the details you add to your space. And now I need that macrame cat bed for my kitties! You are one talented lady! xo

  11. Love all the houseplants! They look so amazing in your beautiful home!

  12. Wow! Everything looks so fresh and airy! I absolutely adore every inch of your shelving unit and your plants are tucked in all the right spaces! Beautiful job on your light fixture – how wonderfully unique! I’ve always adored your home and this Spring is no exception 😉

  13. You have the greenest thumb!! Love your plants and kitty and I really like that portrait in the hall. Beautiful spring tour!

  14. Hi!! We are looking to install the same floor that you have. Just wondering how it is holding up?? I love all of your pics and your sweet kitty cats.

    1. Hi Staci, we still love our floor so so much and actually had two friends install it too and they love it just as much. Love my kitties 😉

    1. Hi Nina, most of my plants are. The pothos plant isn’t and that’s why it is hanging from the ceiling where they can’t reach it.

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