1. Looks so delicious, I will definitely try it.

    1. I’m so glad you will try it. Let me know what you think

  2. Catherine says:

    Love poppy seeds thank you wil try this!

    1. I love poppy seeds too. Let me know how you like it

  3. Ingrid Aller says:

    I remember the first time my mother baked a mohnstrudel when I was little, I spit it out. It is definitely an acquired taste, but now I love it! In my mom’s recipe the mohn is ground. She has a European grinder but it takes the strength of a weightlifter to work that thing. I get a reasonable result using a nutribullet. My recipe cooks the mohn with milk and sugar and use a sweet yeast dough to make it a strudel. I’ve had your version in Germany though, and it is good, and easier – I will try it. Besten appetit!

    1. The reason I like this one is because it does not have a yeast dough. I’ve never been a big fan of yeast doughs for pastries. As a kid I used to cut that part of the cake off and put it to the side ???? I hope you like it when you try to make it

  4. my friend has a german exchange student who wanted to bake one of her recipes and it had quark… it could not be found anywhere! now i know how they can make it!

    1. I’m glad you learned something 😉

  5. This looks amazing – so wish I had a slice with my morning coffee! Happy Thursday!

    1. Thanks and happy Thursday to you too.

  6. This looks so good! I can’t wait to try it!! Also, you need to turn the photo of your husband looking up into the camera into a “Hey girl” meme 😀

  7. Yummy Julia! Definitely takes me back to my youth. I spent my childhood in Germany and love love all the cuisine! Seriously if you can share a schnitzel recipe that would bring tears to my eyes. 🙂

    1. My dad just made Schnitzel when he was here. My son loves it. I also just bought “Leberkäse” at our local German store. It’s one of my favorites on a “Brötchen” 😉

  8. I grew up in Chicago and our local bakery (Dinkles) made a similar coffee cake, but with whipped cream and streusel topping. I’ve never had anything similar, but after reading your recipe…I can see it was the dough that made the difference. Looks so yummy!

    1. That sounds yummy too. I’ve never seen one with whipped cream filling and poppy seed topping.

  9. this looks so good! my 4 year old walked by while I had it on my screen and said ‘Yum! lets make that!’ and I agree with her! 🙂

    1. Haha that’s funny! You should try to make it. Some people love poppy seed and some hate it. I’d love to know what you think.

  10. Thank you, I am going to makes for my wonderful German daughter-in-law.

    1. I hope she likes it as much as I do.

  11. Brigitte Otto says:

    Hello Julia,
    What are your thoughts on using the canned poppy seed filling?

    1. Sorry for the delayed response but I was on vacation. I have never tried or used the canned poppy seed filling. Let me know if it works if you try it.

  12. Margaret Foltz says:

    I made this today. I used sour cream in place of quark. I also doubled the streusel topping. I used two cans of SOLO poppy seed filling and……… it is freaking AWESOME. I followed all other directions/ ingredients as noted in the recipe. It is not dry and super yummy. My go to recipe for poppy seed craving is the yeast strudel type but I wanted a more cake like experience. Maybe next time I’ll order the poppy seeds and really make it from scratch! So good…thanks.

    1. I’m so glad you like it, Margaret! I was never a fan of the yeast doughs used in Germany for cakes growing up and always prefered other dough which is why I like this so much. And it’s always yummy to double up on Streusel, right?

  13. I followed exactly but my poppy filling was very runny. It was not thick as the picture looks. I used Semolina Flour, is that the problem?

    1. I actually have to ask my husband because he is the baker. He has made it many times and it was never runny. I’m sorry

  14. What’s a g
    What’s a ml

    1. Hi Esther, since I am from Germany and this is a German recipe the g stands for grams and the ml for milliliters. Recipes measurements aren’t in cups, spoons and ounces in Germany.

  15. Question on my end – do you grind your poppy seeds before you use those . I purchase mine at nuts.com in 1 pound bags and usually grind those before I bake with those . Poppy seed mill I brought for Germany last time I left. I also use polish poppy seed filling purchased at international stores either Saraga it jungle Jim’s . Looking forward to your reply – frohe Ostern 🙂

    1. Hi Ulrike, sorry was MIA over the holiday. I asked my husband and he said he doesn’t grind it. And we’ve never used polish poppy seed filling.

  16. Thank you Julia sorry for the late response . After using both , the polish ready made in a plastic container ( kind of like the stuff in the cans but runnier ) did not really make the cut . I am sticking to the original version . Have not tried it without grinding yet but that is on my bucket list once the heat leaves my house . Needless to say your recipe is a keeper and I have fed it to my son in law who still gets used to German cooking one dish at a a time He loved it!

    1. Oh glad it’s a keeper! My husband just made it the other day. My kids love it! It’s great that it’s not so sweet.

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