1. Julia,

    These are great finds!!!
    I love the lamp shade and the throw is awesome too.
    The watercolor cat picture is too cute…

    1. I always wanted a black cat and that’s why I love that print so much. Glad you liked my picks.

  2. As a regular reader of your blog and a Etsy shop owner Thank You for highlighting Etsy and all the great sellers there. Especially vintage. This is one category that needs some Vintage Love and attention.
    I hope you find some time to keep bringing these sellers to your followers.
    Thank You for the Love
    Barbara Ann

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I feel like all of us Etsy shop owners need to unite and grow together, right? Have a great weekend.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed your Etsy post of some of your favs. Do you have any suggestions on some of your favorite and best ways to search Etsy?

    1. Hmmmm unfortunately I don’t have any specific tips on how to browse Etsy. I just do different searches for things that I look for regularly on google. I also have a lot of friends with Etsy shops so I get a round on there quite a bit. I adore Etsy and the possibilities it gives small businesses.

  4. Wow…everything is so beautiful, but I think I’m partial to that white tassled blanket…so gorgeous!

  5. Browsing on Etsy is so fun! You’ve got some great finds here–I love that little kitty 🙂

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