1. It turned out so good! I love that you photocopied the pictures and colored them. I would have just ripped the pages out and never though of that. Love that your daughter helped you too! Great job!

  2. They turned out really awesome! I love the graphic nature of them and Bethany is right…coloring them really brightened them up and gave them some personality. I love them in your living room and that whole vignette you created!!!

  3. Well that was clever Julia! They look so cool in that spot along with all your other things.. So cute, your daughter looks like she’s really concentrating on coloring them just right!

  4. these are AWESOME! my soon to be sis in law would love these in her home for good, not just halloween, because 1) she loves day of the dead stuff and 2) it’s freaking awesome.

  5. What an awesome and unique way to make seasonal artwork blend into your home. And I love that it’s been colored. Just a great project!

  6. Really love how your daughter added some awesome pops of color to the black and white skulls. And that tray is AMAZING! I’ve checked my Target over and over and they don’t seem to have it…SO mad!!

  7. great idea Julia, I would’ve never thought of doing this! also great idea to have your daughter helping you with this fun project πŸ™‚ & of course they look great in your living room too! my brothers would love to have these in their homes!
    I love the spiders, they are scary but perfect for Halloween hi!hi! wish you a great week Julia πŸ™‚

  8. Love your take on this challenge Julia. The skulls are awesome. I love that you got your daughter involved too. Great job!

  9. I love that skull. Glad you stuck with 4 colorful version of the same one. It looks incredible! The Nate tray does work perfectly with them!

  10. those are great! just halloween-y enough, without being super over the top. I love the 4 repeated with just different colors πŸ™‚

  11. I love this idea. I have all sorts of different skulls in my house but none on the walls. Looks like you have inspired a new decoration in my house.

  12. Julia, the skulls are great! So creative. Love them. Well done! Erin @ House Envy

  13. Wow, those pictures turned out fabulous…what a fun little artist you have in your daughter. I love the four hanging together on the wall…great!

  14. Oooo. This is fantastic! It’s spooky and festive all at once! And chic too. Way to nail it, Julia!

    Annie XO

  15. Love the skull art! And I keep looking at that tray each time I visit Target. πŸ™‚

  16. are the flowers real? or are they fake flowers with glued on plastic spiders?

    1. Yes, the flowers are actually real roses and the spiders were from Target and just sit on top of the roses. No glue needed at all!

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