1. these look so fantastic! i want some! i need to find rugs like that- the color and texture are perfect for my home!

    1. Yes it would be great in your home

  2. Love them. A stroke of genius!

  3. So cute and maybe, just maybe I can sew these:)

  4. these are awesome! I never would have thought to turn them into pillows (I mean, probably because I can’t sew, but still….you’re so smart!)

  5. Another amazing DIY as usual, Julia. I don’t remember if I told you I’m deeply in love with the furry pillows. This instruction is really helpful for me as well as others who also love this pillow model. Thanks a lot!

  6. Thanks for sharing useful tips! Have a successful and healthy Fall!

  7. Erin Taylor says:

    Those Chindi rug pillows are amazing! Especially the deco-ish ones that sort of fan out- so much style for such a small item! Will definitely try one making some if I have free time.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Frank Siloye says:

    My wife wants one! How can she get it? She is right here jumping like a baby! 🙂

    1. I linked to a similar pillow in my post. Otherwise I don’t know where to find one. Sorry

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