1. As someone who reads in bed, I really appreciate a good swing arm lamp. We’ve had them for years! But the 2 in your daughter’s room? Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much Theresa!

  2. I love it! The brass wire cover makes it even more fabulous and the inside of the shade rocks! I’m STILL looking for bathroom lighting so I will need to look into this company!

    1. Thanks and you totally should look into them.

  3. I have similar swing arm lamps that came with our house, I’m sure I’ll use them somewhere! Love the orange lined shade!!

    1. Oh I can’t wait to see where you will use yours.

  4. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I truly love your two new lamps! They are exactly what I wanted for my bedroom, but I had to settle for two Oil Rubbed Bronze, because they were only $11.99 each at Lowes. And they do not have the double swing arm. But again, single swing will work for me. I have such tiny bedrooms that I need wall lamps, so kitty kats don’t knock them over constantly. And since the new windows that were already installed when I purchased this house are the dark bronze, I will live with them.

    I just can’t afford $85. each ….. but I love yours.

    1. I’m sure yours are gorgeous too and you could always rub and buff them to make them gold.

  5. Beautiful, Julia! I just added a set to my daughter’s room also. I love the look and she loves the novelty of them! The shades you switched out are perfect.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, did you I miss you posting about your lamps?

  6. So pretty! The white and orange shades are so much better than the old school pleated ones.

    1. Thanks, I think so too 😉

    1. Thanks Pam, I never used to even consider using them because I was afraid my daughter would use them as handles or swings LOL but I’m glad I gave them a chance.

  7. Kenz @ Interiors By Kenz says:

    Those are such pretty lights. Her room is darling. Definitely a place fit for a princess!

    1. Haha, thanks that’s what I keep telling her. So now why is she telling me to paint the walls black? It’s too early at 8 years old!!!

  8. oh i love these! they are so sleek and shiny and pretty! and the new shades are fabulous!

  9. Those are so great in there! Changing out the shades really makes them look perfect 🙂

    1. Thanks, the old shades just weren’t my thing 😉

    1. Awww thanks so much! She loves her desk too

    1. Thanks Amber, now why on earth does she want black walls?!?!?!

  10. Omg seriously love them Julia. They are just perfect. I need to look into something like this for our master bedroom. Our area is so small where the bed is and traditional lamps take up so much space on our small nightstands. So fab chica!

    1. You totally should, thanks

    1. Thank you so much Amber!

  11. They’re gorgeous, Julia! Great choice and her room is just so sweet!

    1. Thank you Roeshel, I just wish she wouldn’t continuously ask me to paint it black now 😉

  12. I love these!! I have a thing for swing lamps and these are just beautiful. I also love the orange inside of the shade. What a lucky girl!

    1. Thank Albertina, I keep telling her she is a lucky girl 😉

  13. Her room is so pretty, I’m sure she loves it! I just installed swinging lamps in our room and I love them! The orange shades sorta makes yours!!

    1. Thanks, my mom thought orange, pink, gold and turquoise is odd, which it is but my daughter likes it 😉

    1. Thanks and yes they are such great space savers. Lets just hope they never decide to try to hang on them 😉 #nomonkeybars

  14. Jennifer @ Brave New Home says:

    These are great! The orange inside the shade is perfect.

  15. Love the lamps! They are perfect and love the pop of orange on the insides! So pretty xx

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