1. oooh i love the yellow and love where this is going! i like the more simple bulbs since the fixture is already a showstopping color.

    1. And they are way cheaper 😉 Thanks

  2. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I think I’m as excited about the room redo as your son.! I like the white over the two tone bulbs, but let him pick.

    1. Yes Sheryll, I think I will let him pick.

  3. Nancy Hrba says:

    Love the light fixture and free!

    1. Right? Can’t beat free and it’s more fun for a teenager than the pretty one I had in there before. I’m glad I’m getting that one for the family room

    1. Me too! For whatever reason mixed with green or teal

  4. The room is coming along great! And I totally understand the frustration of FB and I completely agree, unfair.

    1. I just don’t like the direction this is all heading. If you have money to spend then you get to be seen. It’s just ridiculous

  5. Personally I’m a big fan of bold yellow and navy blues, but I can see where the dark, hunter like green and yellow will be a great combination too.

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