1. Lovely! I was just telling Luke the other day that I wanted more of a retreat in our backyard and yours totally fits the bill.

  2. It looks so cozy and snuggly. I bought a bunch of smaller silver balls when we were in Germany. Germans love their silver! 😉

  3. This has given me a better perspective on what we will achieve when we close in our side terrace that faces the neighbors air conditioner, meters, etc. with a hedge wall. We were going to do a brick 4 foot wall but found the price a little out of our budget! I now have hope the hedge will work! Thanks

  4. Caitlin @ Desert Domicile says:

    Your backyard is so lush and gorgeous! Did you inherit all of the plants with your house or did you guys plant everything after you moved in? How long did it take for all of the plants to fill up the space?

  5. Oh my gosh, the rug in the hammock is awesome! The squirrels have chewed ours and that would be perfect to hide their damage! Bet you feel like you’re on vacation in this little spot!

  6. Love the rug on the hammock! I miss our old hammock – we spent many fun times lounging in it – eating hot dogs with my girls. But alas, it broke – and we don’t have 2 trees perfectly spaced in my new yard! I’ll just have to come over and lounge in yours – after all, where there’s wine, there is Kelly!

  7. Oh – how do i love your space.. you created the perfect atmosphere, the faux fur is the perfect touch for the jungle feel

  8. That looks so amazing Julia. I love your outdoor space. So green and lush and of course perfectly styled for a great afternoon. I love the rug in the hammock. Looks amazing. That rug is so beautiful!!!

    Is that other glass of wine for me? You shouldn’t have. Cheers!!!

  9. What a great idea to add a rug to a hammock!! I’m going to try this in our next house when we actually have a YARD 😉

  10. This looks so amazing! I love the color of the chairs and all the metallics – such a wonderful place to relax!

  11. What a cool idea! Looks beautiful and cozy. I would love to curl up and drink that wine with you. Except your cats would try to befriend me wouldn’t they??

  12. Such a cozy area you created. It looks like the perfect spot to relax with a glass of wine in hand. Hope you have fun out there. My kids would argue over who gets to lie in the hammock! LOL!!

  13. What a perfect spot Julia! I love the rug on the hammock and how the hammock stand kind of recedes into the background! I could spend all day there with a book!!

  14. Goodness what a great outdoor space you have! That rug looks really good in the hammock!

  15. Beautiful outdoor space. Love what you did with the hammock.

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