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  1. Oh I understand….. I really need to do SOMETHING to my non flooring. I am torn between staining the concrete or painting or papering…… I am scared….. cause like you I have 5, yes FIVE Pups and only 3 kitty kats now (Sadie Lady died)…… and between depression and old age and health starting to fall apart I have become the ultimate procrastinator) … besides being totally broke and no money till next month.

  2. I saw that very same rug in Target (I literally went there the very next day after seeing this post) and almost committed, but the off-white color bothered me too much to take it home. As much as I loved the pattern (I’ve been looking for one like that for ages!) and the softness, I knew I couldn’t live with anything less than pure white in my home – it just wouldn’t match ๐Ÿ™

    I spotted another rug – gray/white by Nate Berkus – and that man designs too many nice things for me to go home empty-handed that day! What’s even better is that Target price matches, so whatever lowest price is listed on there official site is what they’ll charge! The Aztec rug was actually listed $70 more in-store and rang up at the higher price – yikes! Thankfully customer service assured me that they’d charge me the lowest price. I always double check prices when I shop at Target now. I limit myself to shopping there once a year because I know I just can’t control myself around all the home decor!

  3. I nearly bought that lamp the other day, but I do not have a place for it. I could always find a place, but I don’t really need it. Look at me being an adult and recognizing needs and wants! Target has been killing it lately with their home products. They’ve always been good, but lately it seems like every line puts out several incredible pieces.

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