1. cassie @ primitive & proper says:

    it looks so comfy and i love it paired with black and white! glad jarrid likes it!

  2. Kelly @ View Along the Way says:

    Your styling is so inspirational! That nailhead trim is hot. Fingers crossed that someone will be able to get it downstairs for you!

    1. Oh so good to hear from you Kelly! The sofa doctor has gotten back to me already but I’m still hoping for a local person to help so nobody has to travel here from NYC lol.

  3. Patty Day says:

    We have an American Signature store within a few miles from our apartment in Estero. In fact, that’s where we found our great apt. size dining table and chairs for $199! We have our eyes on a shelving piece for the future when we move into Shell Point to hold all our treasures.

    1. It is super comfy. And it’s hard to pull the trigger on something like this for sure.

  4. Love the sofa, looks very stylish and comfortable. Have you thought about removing the door of your basement ? You might be able to fit the sofa this way. xoxo

    1. Yup it’s gone already! It’s the frame and drywall surround 😉

    1. I am determined and it needs to be a family couch in the basement 😉

  5. I had to come by and check out “the sectional”. I think it looks pretty good in the living room! Such a pretty design and much better with your cool pillows! Good luck with quest to get it into the basement.

    1. Thanks Sarah, I already know that the couch doctor can help me but he’d have to come from NYC lol.

  6. ooh, looks great! that trim is amazing :). Good luck finding a way to get it into the basement!

    1. Oh gosh I’m hoping so too.

  7. Oh it looks so comfy!! And your styling fits so perfectly – can’t wait to see it in the man cave! Best of luck finding your ‘Sofa Doctor’!! xxx

  8. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    How fab, love it. I guess taking apart a basement window is not doable? Let us know how you manage this.?….?

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