1. I totally am in love. She’s so silly

  1. I completely understand why you adopted right away- it doesn’t make you miss your other cats any less, it just fills your home back up with love and scratched furniture. 😉 Enjoy your new friend!

    1. Yes that’s right Stephanie and there are so many that need a home

  2. Awww! Such a sweetie! I think Midna was about that age when we adopted her – the shelter said 2, but the vet said about 1 year old. Over the last year, she’s decided to finally trust me and now she sleeps on my legs every night and wiggles under the covers to cuddle in the morning! 😀 You guys will have so much fun with a youngster in the house!

    1. Awww she wiggles under the covers? That’s so cute. Maya loves hanging out. I can’t wait until she figures out how to snuggle

  3. Amazing!! I work with a rescue that has home based fosters and so far, I have only kept 1 of the 15 we’ve fostered! My cats are 2, 4, and 4 and they are all crazy kittens still, though the 2 year old has mellowed out the most. I hope you and your family have a lovely time with her. The slow introductions are the best way to keep them happy though mine still scuffle from time to time (they all want to sit in the sun spot!). It is so wonderful to adopt a cat – so happy for you all!

    1. Yes we’ve had the best results with the slow introductions for sure but even with that they still fight like siblings at times and then snuggle the next minute.

  4. Catherine says:

    Bless! She is super cute Julia xxx

  5. Diane Bélanger says:

    I am very happy for you and for her. She has an amazing cute sad look. She’s a beauty. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Diane, her looks cracks me up because she looks like that when she plays too

  6. Love all the pics. So photogenic!!! We were fostering kitties for my friend who has a cat rescue in her house and we ended up keeping them , so now I am not able to Foster but I go over and help with the feedings. Kudos to your family for just bringing home ONE kitty. Enjoy.

    1. I know if I would have went, I would have brought home more. It’s awesome that you kept them all

  7. She is totally adorable – and a camera ham! I have a boy bob cat that looks just like her. He is one of 4 barn cats and my favorite. Yes, enjoy!!

    1. I’ve heard that orange tabby boys are a fan favorite.

  8. Esther Books says:

    I love your cat/animal posts – so happy you found a new family member and another pet found its forever home.

    1. Thanks Esther! Cat posts are usually followed by mass unfollowings 😉 I have my cat friends but it’s sad to see how many people actually dislike cats.

  9. You end up with the NICEST cats! I am envious.
    My 9 year old rescue cat still looks at me as if I am an ax murderer…shes definitely Not a lap cat. She hisses and growls at everyone….but will then jump on our bed to sleep.
    OMG…just try to get her into a carrier for a vet visit!! I had to have her intubated just to get her claws trimmed..she was so out of control! ($$$$$)
    We love her tho.

    1. I’m glad you still love her. Sometimes we love the difficult ones even more

  10. Beautiful cat. I loved that you took her in and now she has such a great home. I love tabbies. Great personalities. Looks like she is already fitting in well.

    1. I do think she fits in well. Thanks Pamela

    1. Thanks Katja, I love taking pet portraits

  11. She is gorgeous and what a ham. Maybe you should get another young cat to keep her company..

    1. LOL Debra…maybe we should 😉

  12. You are a great cat family:) Thanks for all you do for your fur children

  13. Congrats on the new addition! Maya is such a cute kitty! And no judgement whatsoever on adopting her when you did! There are so many cats that need love. We know that you aren’t trying to “replace” your cats. Loved ones can never be replaced… You are just finding more sweet animals to give love to! 🙂

    1. Yes there are way too many cats and I wish I could afford to give more of them a home.

  14. Edwina Douglas says:

    I really like your cat posts, just because I love cats. Please keep them, it’s a good balance, design and cats!

    1. Thanks Edwina, I’m glad to hear that there are people who still enjoy the cat posts since I usually get large unfollowings when I post them. But I really do care about them so I will keep posting about them. I have to stay true to myself, right?

  15. donna skinner says:

    Congratulations! She is beautiful! I love the cat posts, keep them up!


    1. She is definitely weird and silly

  16. Congratulations on your new sweet family member, Julia! I’m very happy for you and for her as well. It’s great that you all opened your heart for another rescue cat so fast. You will certainly still think about Heidi often but a new, especially a young and very playful cat will distract you a bit. At least it happened to us that way when we lost our Cecil some years ago and four days later found a 4 months old kitten, sitting injured and frightened in a tree in the garden. It was meant to be.
    I’m sorry to hear that you loose followers when you do cat posts and I’m happy that this doesn’t stop you.

    1. Thanks Julia, it won’t stop me because they are a huge part of my life. It sounds like it really was meant to be to find the kitten in the tree, we forced it a little with our adoption 😉

  17. i’m so sorry for the loss of Heidi, but also happy that Bee Maya found a home with your family. Looking forward to future posts with her in it! She’s too adorable.

    1. Thank you. She’s a silly one and already thinks she’s the boss of everything.

  18. I’m so sorry you lost Heidi. At twenty-two she enjoyed a good long life. I have a white cat and an orange tabby who are almost identical to yours. Mine are both males and were stray/feral at my old house. One initially had to be trapped but is now an affectionate house pet. It’s appalling how many unwanted cats are out there. Thank you for welcoming another into your home.

    1. Thanks Sue, I agree that it is appalling. I also wish more people would neuter, spay and adopt. Makes me so sad

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