1. i should put together a post like this, too! it’s so refreshing to keep it real…and lily’s desk looks tame compared to emmy’s! 😉

    1. Yes , you definitely should. It’ only liberating 😉

  2. I always love posts like this! That’s frustrating about the floors! We have a million places in our bathroom where the tile is less than perfect; it drives Dave crazier than it does me, but it’s still annoying.

    1. Ugh I can totally understand that it drives him crazy

  3. LOVE this post! I do an “Ugly Truths” post every quarter or so and people really seem to love it. We live in our homes and they definitely aren’t perfect! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Nope definitely aren’t perfect! And we need to show that too

  4. This is so refreshing! I think you just inspired me to do a similar post. Our house is only totally clean when 1) I’m taking blog photos or 2) the cleaning people are coming. Ha! Thanks for the look behind the scenes. Love this hashtag!

    1. Oh how I wish I’d have cleaning help! That’s a total nice bonus

  5. Catherine says:

    Bless, you’ll get there! Hugs

  6. I love sincere posts like this one! Congratulations for your efforts to keep this blog running! We all have some small fixes to do or complain about, but this is what it takes and motivates us to be or to do better. Next fix or next painting job will be better! Keep going!

    1. Thanks Miranda. I have to spend some hours painting for sure!

  7. Debbie P. says:

    Now you love you even more for showing your “not-so-perfect” parts of your beautiful home!! How comforting it is knowing that our design heros have normal home issues too! Thank you!! ????❤️

    1. Thanks Debbie, we definitely have issues. It’s just such a vicious cycle if we want to succeed blogging in any way. I have to find a balance of showing both sides.

  8. You can fix the flooring gaps around the doorway with caulk. Find a colored caulk that matches your floor color. The caulk is flexible, so works great for expansion joints.

    Another option is to use a flexible, stainable wood filler (Elmer’s) and paint it to match with acrylic artist paints. If this is in a heavy traffic area, you may need to put a clear coat over your acrylic artist paint, or just touch up periodically. If the area to fill is small and not in heavy traffic, I use Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint alone, for the fill in. I also use this paint to touch up scratches, from moving furniture, in the flooring.

    1. Caulk is my absolute best friend and I have tried it many times. I think of these areas are just way too big though but thanks so much for all the tips

    1. Hey there Sarah! Thanks so much I am going to try that. I just bought it! I tried the grout pen and it’s not my favorite. So trying this now 😉

  9. Arlie Boutwell says:

    These post are the best. Sometimes reading blogs I think well if my house was perfect like theirs it could look that way too, and then the grandma in me thinks their poor children are they allowed to play. Refreshing to see all is not perfect and your kids do make messes. XO

    1. My kids are definitely allowed to play and so are my furry kids and there are plenty of messes every single day 😉

  10. Yeahp: ecoing all the people above – thanks for sharing the imperfections. Sometimes it is tough to see all these beautiful, fully organized homes. I get so frustrated with my own *imperfect* home. And to get traffic I am pinning several photos from this post! hey, let’s put some traffic here!

    1. Haha well thanks so much! I appreciate it.

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