1. I love them all. Everything looks so beautiful.

    Have a great weekend. I am free to do what I want except for tomorrow, and that will be a back yard mowing day.

  2. Love the mint box! I must have missed the H&M post because I love those pillows!!! I might have to make a trip to our local one soon! Have a great weekend Julia!

    1. Thanks Crystal! Unfortunately they only sell the H&M homeline in Euope. My brother brought them for me 🙁

    1. Thanks and I sure did get the plates. I don’t have anything to hang them with yet so I’ll share them some other time.

  3. Your room looks great…Love it! It is you!! Or at least what I imagine YOU TO BE!! Love all the goodies on the table! You did wonders with that round box!

  4. You one busy girl this summer! I love the look of your summer table scape. I am really loving brass right now, and those candlesticks are so up my alley. Love it all!

  5. I like that this post makes you happy Julia! this is exactly what blogging should be about 🙂
    loving the beautiful pillow too 🙂
    & the summer vignette very nice, your living is so bright and beautiful I love it!
    btw, I should be on water, veggies and fruits too (I’ve been having too many desserts)
    hope you will have a beautiful weekend 🙂

  6. I love your updates! You styled the tray beautifully. I love your new pillows too. They are so fun! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Kelly and YES I think you have to go to Homegoods, maybe at least once a week 😉

  7. Miss Charming says:

    Have a wonderful trip with your family, Julia! (Make sure to take lots of pictures of that beautiful German town.)Crushing on the pillows for sure. (Especially the charming zebra head!) I may have to break down and get it.

  8. Ughh I almost wish you didn’t tell me about H&M home, I would have never known what I can’t have Why can’t we have that here. Jealous, love those pillows!

  9. Everything in the room looks awesome and like such a happy place! Love those pillows!!!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  10. Just a warning…I’m totally stealing your hosta leaves idea, ok? 😉 That is so smart…cannot believe I had never thought of trimming some of my greenery for empty vases around the house! And the giraffe pillow has my whole heart…I want him and I would talk to him, put him in a place that would allow him a great view, and perhaps even rest my head on him for a lil nap…he is perfect! 😉 And by the way, what do your suitcases look like when you are gone for that long??? I would be in serious trouble…worst.packer.ever.

    1. Sure 🙂
      I love the giraffe so much too. I’m going through the struggle of fighting with my daughter about who gets to keep the animal pillows where LOL.
      My suitcases are bad and the stupid airlines cut the amount. I used to be able to take 2 per person. Now I’m only allowed one, ugh!

  11. Katy from Kilz says:

    Hello! My name is Katy and I am the social media coordinator for KILZ brand products. Great job with your living room updates! We are happy to hear that our primer helped you and we would love for you to share your experience with our products by writing a review. Simply click on this link, select the product used and write/submit a review. We appreciate the feedback! If you ever have any questions on our products or on your next painting project, please contact us directly via email.

    1. Thank you so much for coming to my little blog Katy! I truly love KILZ products.

  12. Just discovered your page (thru Living Better Together’s Linky), and OMG I LOVE your style! I’m totally pinning your living room, lol! And I’ll be your newest subscriber too. 😀 Ps- Avalon, NJ??? We might be neighbors…

  13. your living room is just beautiful! i love how light and bright it is, yet full of personality. definitely what i admire in a space. thanks for sharing and have a beautiful weekend!

  14. I like your design ideas. Working with bright colors always gives me a spacious room feeling. The more zen a room is the more I like it. And zen doesn’t mean it should be empty. I’d say your ideas come very close to what modern zen can mean.

  15. Oh, and by the way: is your name Hungarian? Konya – kitchen?

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment and yes, Konya is Hungarian which is where part of my husband’s family is from.

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