1. sonia daigle says:

    It looks gorgeous…I feel for you when it come to working hard on something and it does not come out the way you expected!!!Thank you for sharing your expertiseHave a lovely day, Sonia Xo

  2. I think it looks sensational and I am so sorry you went through so much to get there. I loved the mirrored look!

  3. Next time you use any metalic paint – wati 72 hours and then use a poylyurathane coating over the paint. The first time, only go over it in one direction once. After the first sealing coat dries 42 hours, then you can give it another coat. Always wait at least 42 hours inbetween poly coats.

    1. I used protective enamel on this but it doesn’t work with this type of paint. I don’t like using poly on paints. I only use it after staining.

  4. Hi there,

    Where did you buy the stripe shelf liner?


    1. It’s wrapping paper and I decoupaged it inside the drawers.

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